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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
In order to effectively control construction dust, meet the relevant legal and other requirements, ask for each construction group according to the execution earnestly, dust, dust removal facilities and measures, to achieve the requirement of environmental management: 1, earthwork shovel, transport, unloading designated persons sprinkler dust, earthwork, waste residue and dust special vehicles must be used in grain materials, in case along with dust. In construction of backfill soil, mixing with lime backfill ban spilling, lest produce dust. 2, 4 and above high winds, generate dust operation is prohibited. 3, the construction site for cleaning, sprinkler system, equipped with sprinkler equipment, and hold people accountable for sprinkler, cleaning. The construction trash bags must be used inside the floor, the sealed type pickup, then use lifting chance to LaJiDian under the floor, not directly from the upstairs or elevator to anything coming downstairs. 4, construction site entrances and exits, living area, the main concrete hardening should be adopted, the construction site should be set drainage network system, it is forbidden to mud, sewage, waste water directly into the river or in the sewer. 5, construction scaffolding should be set according to the specification of scaffolding lateral should use dense mesh type safety net is closed. Outside the frame removed should be taken when the sprinkler dustproof measures, such as banning shake safety net caused by dust. 6, building cleaning, a heaven ahead of building ground water wet, minimize the floating dust float in the sky, avoid air pollution, also facilitate clean. 7, mixing concrete or mortar, stir bird may not pile up too much cement, fly ash, etc. , after mixing, mixing station shall not be residual cement and other materials, cement bag, tie it in a timely manner after recovery. 8, after mixing, after the application pool to pile up cover, water cleaning the road. Ready-mixed concrete tank car used up, wash clean, don't put stuff on the road. 9, the construction site use dust unorganized emissions of the small and medium-sized pieces of the mechanical equipment such as sawing, cutting, digging, should take measures to prevent dust, in the field when cutting stone, wood products processing, should take measures to prevent dust. 10, construction waste, at the time of shipment, if it is too dry, water wet in advance before loading, in order to reduce dust pollution of the environment. 11, for protection in decorating materials such as protective film, ceramsite block of window of model steel door, aerated concrete block, etc. , to clear in time, and hold people accountable for management. 12, within 30 days after the completion of construction, the construction unit shall be responsible for the implementation of smooth construction site work, and promptly remove soil, pile; Idle more than six months of construction site, the construction unit shall be temporary greening on their bare mud or shop.
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