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Construction steel pipe scaffold is in danger? Don't be afraid, we can help you to solve the low building steel pipe scaffold low building scaffolding low steel tube scaffold - jiangsu

by:Shizhan     2020-09-30
Construction steel pipe scaffold is a bit dangerous, don't panic, we come to help you solve it. ( 1) Caused by foundation settlement building local deformation of steel pipe scaffold. On the double bent transverse section erection of eight kung, or bracing, every other row of poling erect a group, until the deformation zone. Eight kung, or bracing waste need in solid and reliable foundation. ( 2) Construction of steel pipe scaffold on which take root cantilever beam deflection deformation than specified value, after dealing with the cantilever beam anchor point for reinforcement, steel beams with steel support and U after tighten against the roof. Embedded bar has a gap between ring and steel beam, must use wedge for horse. Hanging beam outside the wire rope by root examination, all fastening, ensure uniform stress. ( 3) Construction steel pipe scaffold unloading, pull system local damage, immediately according to the original plan formulation of unloading connection method to recover, and the parts have to be deformed and bar are correct. If correct scaffolding outward deformation, according to each studio set a 5 t chain, and the structure is tight, loosen the rigid contact, each point to tighten inside chain at the same time, to the deformation is correct, make rigid joint, and the wire rope to tighten the unloading point, make its force uniform, after let go of the chain. The next building steel pipe scaffold safety problems remember the way we tell you, don't panic, I wish you smooth work.
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