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Construction steel pipe scaffold safety problem has dismantled need to know scaffold for construction steel pipe scaffold has set his plate scaffold - Jiangsu S

by:Shizhan     2020-09-30
The removal of construction steel pipe scaffold need to consider many factors, the following is we put forward some Suggestions for you. 1) Workers need to stand on the temporary set of scaffolding on. 2) Demolition work, it is forbidden to use a hammer and other hard hitting, pry. Remove the connecting rod should be in a bag, lock arm should be passed to the ground and into the interior storage. 3) Removing connection parts, should first will lock the lock plate, and the lock on the toggle hook of the transferred to the open position, and then began to remove, are not allowed to be hard to pull, it is forbidden to knock. 4) Dismantle the door frame, steel pipes and fittings, bundles with mechanical lifting or derrick transmitted to the ground, to prevent the collision, it is forbidden to throw. Of construction steel pipe scaffolding demolished put forward above is we need to pay attention to the problem, you after the reference for the construction of steel pipe scaffold demolition work must be carried out more smoothly, have not understand of place, welcome to inquire.
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