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Construction steel pipe scaffold using joke may not being building steel pipe scaffold decoration with construction scaffolding - being Jiangsu Shizhan hand foot

by:Shizhan     2020-09-30
Construction steel pipe scaffold method of use: 1, right-angle fastener: used for vertical steel pipe cross coupling clamp, two pipe horizontal and vertical bar connection of steel pipe scaffold right-angle fastener tighten, it should be from the bolt torque ( Tighten the degree) 40 n· M, make sure the horizontal tube after receiving outside load does not produce decline phenomenon. 2, rotating fastener: for two arbitrary Angle steel pipe cross coupling tighten. Is the scaffold bracing and high-rise building the connection of steel pipe scaffold double column used torsion distance is the same as the right-angle fastener. 3, docking fastener: used for steel pipe butt joint, two are mainly vertical tube lateral extension of horizontal tube and diagonal bracing. Construction steel pipe scaffold use: all kinds of constructional fastener models applicable to construction projects, the outer diameter for Ф 48 mm steel pipe scaffold, derrick and templates support the use of steel pipe support, the fastening of intersection, for water conservancy, chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, railway infrastructure, etc.
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