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by:Shizhan     2020-09-30
In recent years, because of the building and loan market disorder, produce and sell illegal outstanding defect steel tube, fastener, a lot of unqualified steel pipes, fasteners into the construction site, combined with the construction unit, not standard serious endanger building construction safety. Of jiangsu construction scaffolding safety is always the problem of building construction, attack every year a few jiangsu construction scaffolding collapse destroyed the safety accidents. How progress of jiangsu construction scaffolding safety, ensure the construction safety of jiangsu construction scaffolding. During the construction of jiangsu construction scaffolding, must make floor perimeter protection. 1. Outer security protection measures. Every step the operational layer outer security frame is full PuJia board, workers in the above assignments and accumulation data security. And outside frame is based on structure floors, erection of a protective layer, tile, bamboo basketry plate, seal protection frame lateral establish network. This outer security frame in engineering subject not as an operating frame, its role is to avoid the construction floor workers dropped from peripheral to the outside. When the decoration project in the beginning, can be in the center of the two-step frame board, to take the step plate, for outside decoration workers use operation, also compare with security. 2. Floor frame protection measures. At that time, the engineering, concrete structures of tall building mostly throughout chooses steel pipe support steel formwork construction method. In order to do well the construction in the floor of the border guard, can use floor frame. Protect equal the height of structure of two floors, independent protection frame is equivalent to structure a wide width and length. Floor stand, can avoid floor high-rise building construction in the face of edge homework personnel to outside, also can be used as construction of the floor near the security channel. 3. An outer layer protective measures. During the construction of a high-rise building, choose outside jiangsu construction scaffolding, each step the operational layer are put with bamboo basketry or steel plate, the side rail of the 1 m high and put bamboo basketry plate stand. Together on the outside of jiangsu construction scaffolding, set set net seal.
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