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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
On March 23, 2020, 7 about 55 points, on the small county, country garden days reputation, block ii project, 1 scaffolding shift workers in scaffolding demolition operations, immodesty from 26 layer falling to the ground dead. The mound for the city this year has been 3, falling accident, two were county on the small accident, production safety situation is very serious, do it right now, the current construction production safety warning notification is as follows: serious unit dealing with accidents. In strict accordance with the 'housing construction in anhui province on further strengthening the construction production safety accident administrative punishment notice ( Build quality letter [2018] no. 2076) , 'on further strengthening the construction safety accident treatment notice ( Mound sussing out [2020] 21) Requirements, shall be ordered to blush county, country garden days reputation, two blocks on the project construction, construction and supervision units in fuyang city construction projects within their jurisdiction shall be shutdown rectification, experienced qualified rear can return to work. Fuyang city in the urban and rural construction bureau security above everything, from the point of the above events, aerial work personnel and not wearing seat belts, seat belts is the last line of defense, once found slip, is a potentially life-saving rope. The second is that the scaffold will have rust and other phenomenon, is the need for regular maintenance. Many parts of the fastener scaffold are banned, so as to recommend high security department button scaffolding, old old scaffolding market will be eliminated, the new button scaffolding is the mainstream. Welcome to inquire button scaffolding, but rent can be sold.
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