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Country garden vanke projects such as switch button scaffolding to build - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu s

by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
Button is new type of scaffolding, scaffold fittings supporting function and principle of suspension, composite beams, squeeze the arch effect, the anchor rod pre-tightening force, is key to squeeze to arch, forming extrusion arch to give full play to the supporting role, form a whole, decomposition pressure, truly embodies the action principle of bolting. Although the bolt anchoring force within all meet the design requirements, if the anchor rod is put less than the design requirements, makes the roadway surrounding rock anchor net and there is a big gap, so that the surrounding rock of roadway abscission, fission, centered on rock network and the clearance of the surrounding rock, forming loose circle, the roadway surrounding rock loose subsidence, if loose button scaffolding accessories ring is greater than the distance of bolt support, will result in catastrophic collapse of roadway. Only under the condition of the roof pressure, deformation, can play a role of passive support, thus loses the active anchor supporting role, the formation of the passive support. Why use button scaffolding? Popular fasteners do not conform to the latest standards, is being phased out, comprehensive work safety bureau rang recommended dish buckle, better security, more convenient operation. Button scaffolding as scaffolding of the latest design, through various tests, performance than the factory provide button scaffolding, products all parts are hot-dip galvanized anti-corrosion treatment, durable, beautiful and easy, is the construction industry and decoration industry ideal auxiliary construction equipment, especially suitable for the complex shape of buildings, parking lot, entrances and exits, gate house, billboards, etc, decorate, building maintenance. In China, every day hundreds of more than high-rise buildings are using button scaffolding for safety civilization construction, environmental protection, reduce the construction cost saving, and speed up the construction plays a positive role. High-rise building scaffold areas in the world, top lift platform the level! High-rise construction intelligent lift platform, through technical innovation, and put an end to high-rise building construction, falling, falling objects, scaffolding fire accident. Comprehensive security goal: building construction, a 90% reduction in deaths at the same time, good sealing ability, work top surface protection, like indoor, the working environment greatly eliminate the risk of falling objects falling people, greatly improve the operating environment, fundamentally guarantee safety civilization construction. Safety, schedule, cost, good comprehensive benefit of all steel components, there were burning materials. Heavy protection 2 - — Not move for device safe: each reservation at least two or more for work. Overall safety reliability is high, more than the static stress system, even if a third attached component failure, is still safe as a whole. Security concerns to less, convenient and safety inspection supervision, one along the platform to inspect again, more than ten minutes to complete the security check. High-rise construction lift platform product key indicators, safety science and technology innovation, reducing construction fatalities, about 4-90% 30 minutes 5 people raise a quick floor civilization, do not take up tower crane, construction speed increases by more than 30%, the whole project management simple and hassle free, special management costs by 50%, the platform is burning fire accident rate of 0, high-rise building scaffolding realized mechanization construction, high, high risk, scattered multifarious build-up, demolition of artificial operation of 0, site appearance image increases more than 80%, a 30 storeys save steel, reduce carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to mu of forest land absorption of carbon dioxide a year
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