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Creative aluminum frame for outdoor wedding

by:Shizhan     2020-03-17
Aluminum wedding trusses are commonly used for outdoor weddings to build newcomer channels, stage backgrounds, lamp posts, or large wedding trellises. Aluminum frames are widely used in wedding scenes. New Power Stage introduces the practical aluminum frame shapes for outdoor weddings. Large scaffolding, usually used for outdoor wedding banquets. It is constructed with medium and large aluminum frames. The construction is relatively simple and fast. . The wedding couple passage, commonly used in outdoor weddings, can be used to guide the crowd and decoration. At night, you can install colored lights to increase the atmosphere of the event. Or increase the size of the aluminum frame, which can be used as a decorative canopy for the wedding stage. Aluminum alloy trusses are quite advantageous in terms of function and appearance. Wedding background frame, can be used indoors and outdoors, usually shaped as a heart (also double heart, circle, pentagram, etc., according to demand), can be hung on the wall or on the ground, usually on the wedding stage It is used for decorating flowers and lanterns, which is quite gorgeous. A small lamp post is a must-have for outdoor weddings at night. It can be equipped with colored lights or turn lights, simple and practical.
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