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Crystal Stage Features and Construction

by:Shizhan     2020-03-26
The crystal stage is a common name for a stage. It is not much different from a general stage. It is called a crystal stage by some people because it is partially made of highly transparent materials and looks like a crystal. It is called a crystal stage or glass. stage. Crystal stage commonly used panels are glass or acrylic panels, these two materials have high transparency, the shape resembles crystal, and is often used on the stage. The shape of the crystal stage is more gorgeous and noble than the ordinary stage. It is often used for fashion and themed events such as fashion shows, swimming pool stages, press conferences, and exhibitions. The panel is transparent and can be arranged with colored lights below or in the mall. The main road, beautiful jewelry placed below, are all good. For example, the main road of the mall is paved with a crystal stage, and a gold bar below is a good way to attract attention. Although the crystal stage is gorgeous and beautiful, the cost of the crystal stage is higher than that of the general stage, and his daily maintenance also needs attention. The characteristics of the crystal stage are reflected in its light transmittance. During the use of the stage, special care should be taken to the stage panel. For protection, the glass panels and acrylic panels used have a big disadvantage that they are easily scratched by shoes. Therefore, it is necessary to properly standardize the performers' soles and use processes. When acrylic panels are scratched, use toothpaste on Apply evenly on the scratches. As a reminder, although the crystal stage is beautiful, it also needs to be configured according to the venue and theme.
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