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Current situation of the development of aerial work platform main countries around the world - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shi

by:Shizhan     2020-08-31
The first kind is Europe and North America, the region mature aerial work platform development, formed for rental products use bond consumption patterns. Production, after long-term development, creating the world's leading manufacturing giant, aerial work platform. ( 1) Europe European economic development level is high, the production safety laws and regulations strictly, aerial work platform industry is relatively mature and has the world famous domestic manufacturing enterprises. The European market of aerial work platform mainly through leasing business. Due to the international well-known companies and European companies and local rental business has established a long-term, stable relations of cooperation, so although Europe is a bigger market for foreign manufacturers generally have certain barriers to entry. Market share basic controlled by international giants and some local companies in Europe. ( 2) North American market in North America is the world's biggest consumer market of aerial work platform, its level of economic development and safety regulations and Europe at the same level, and has the world's top manufacturers of aerial work platform, Terex and JLG two international giants are us companies, Skyjack comes from Canada. Similar to Europe, the United States on the market consumption of aerial work platform is mainly by lessor completes, for general foreign manufacturers have certain barriers to entry, the vast majority of market share is controlled by Terex and JLG. The second market is the rest of the world except in Europe and North America countries and regions. The aerial work platform market in these countries most is at the early stage of development, and scale co. , LTD. Consumption, most of the aerial work platform rental business in these countries have not yet mature. Production, most of these countries do not have local well-known manufacturers of aerial work platform, also more with multinational giants products on the market. But these countries because of its low penetration, aerial work platform the future market potential big, is becoming a global aerial work platform industry growth in key areas. ( 3) Asia market market overall size is smaller. And large difference of different countries and regional economic development level, the internal security laws and regulations as well as aerial work platform industry maturity are different. Among them, Japan's aerial work platform industry is relatively mature, and aichi is internationally renowned aerial work machinery manufacturers, but its products are mainly for overhead working truck. Outside Japan, Singapore and South Korea is developed aerial work platform consumer market, aerial work platform rental industry development mature, large scale, but different from Japan, they do not own well-known domestic manufacturers, its market in Terex aerial work platform, JLG and other international well-known manufacturers of products, Chinese manufacturers of products with the increase of competitiveness are entering. China's aerial work platform industry scale and maturity is Japan's second, but has been rapid development in recent years, has a lot of zhejiang, jchi, hunan star bond and so on one batch of rapid development of enterprises, products have a certain competitiveness in the international market. At the same time as production cost advantages, and the center of the global industry transfer, China is expected to become the center of the future production of aerial work platform in the world. Aerial work platform of other Asian countries the market although it is not yet mature, but the economic development is very rapid, the future market potential is tremendous. ( 4) Oceania market in Australia is the largest aerial work platform in Oceania market, but Australia does not have well-known domestic enterprises, it has provided a broad space for imported products. Its domestic market, the world has entered the famous aerial work platform products. Products such as Terex, from the United States JLG occupy larger market share. Chinese products, with the continuous improvement of technical level, as well as the outstanding cost performance advantages, is expanding its market share in recent years. ( 5) Smaller aerial work platform in South America market, South American market and the lack of local aerial work platform manufacturing enterprises and grasp of the relevant key technology. Similar to the market demand and Asia to Brazil as representative's emerging markets with its infrastructure requirements for the application of aerial work platform products has provided a broad space, at the same time, the South American market rental business more developed. On the South American market users on the sensitivity of the price is higher than the European and American market, makes the products of China's enterprises competitiveness is very outstanding. ( 6) The African market aerial work platform market size is very small. Its local aerial work platform manufacturing has not yet started, consumer market is limited. But its infrastructure construction is continuously expand and increase. Many Chinese builders are also involved in Africa an important force in the construction of infrastructure. This aerial work platform for China and other construction machinery products has brought business opportunities. Due to its high market price sensitivity, the products made in China has a larger advantage in the market for its outstanding performance and competitive price.
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