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by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Custom service is one of indispensable services in any industry, meet the different needs of different customers, customize their own personality, products have unique aluminum alloy scaffolding, is shenzhen tengda security technology has been the high-quality service. Below small make up take you understand the details of the order process. Call details - — Detailed communication demand, the coordination of aluminum alloy scaffolding sample selection - — The personnel of the service coordination inventory, communication custom date - — Custom agreement, the product order signed a contract to pay the deposit, the standard and the time limit for a project on custom instructions - — Detailed renderings to confirm production - — Custom products production and logistics arrangements - — Customer acceptance to pay the balance payment - — Factory shipment - — Our clients quickly mounted aluminum alloy scaffolding is a new type of aerial work platform, advanced design, craft unique, since listing, with its significant characteristics of safe, convenient and efficient, in power generation, power supply, civil aviation, ships, hotels, industrial and mining enterprises, large venues, decorate cleaning and other industries widely used, users are high maintenance, maintenance, installation, and a good help to cleaning operations. How to customize in accordance with customer demand scaffold height? Choose the height; As is known to all, aluminum alloy scaffolding is assembled product is not like other products, is to finalize the design product, the height of construction work, assembly need just need to be flexible and properly choose aluminum alloy scaffolding accessories to complete the assembly of aluminum alloy scaffolding. The lattice column, aluminum alloy scaffolding each layer height 2, respectively. 32 meters, level 4:1. 85 meters, level 3:1. 39 meters, secondary barrier: 0. 85 meters; Height can choose single height above the assembly, can also choose to mix different height to match, all the parts are standard and general. Aluminum alloy scaffold with the manufacturers instructions first if custom own demand, how many meters to make to order, how wide, single width or double width, skirting board to do more than high, bearing need to how much, cosmetic requirements and so on. Then go to shenzhen tengda factory to see samples, accord with the requirement of your order again.
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