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Custom stage for auto show

by:Shizhan     2020-03-20
The most common stage of the auto show is the stage of Shizhan Structures. This stage is welded by galvanized steel and has a very good load-bearing capacity. The construction is relatively simple and quick, and it is ready to use. Can be used indoors and outdoors for a long time, but pay attention to rust prevention work, and it is heavy. It is recommended to use a fast-installed auto show stage. The stage that can reach the weight of the car can be customized according to the requirements of the car. The aluminum alloy is welded and rust-proof. It is lighter in weight and simple and quick to install. The stage used in the Nissan Auto Show, the advantages of this stage are very obvious, you can customize the stage of any shape, making the auto show more attractive. I recommend a practical stage for the auto show separately. The rotary lift stage developed by the new forces is generally circular. The shape and diameter can be customized according to the needs. Due to the needs of the auto show, the car is fully displayed to the audience. This electric rotary lift stage is also Quite practical.
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