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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Aluminum alloy scaffolding is the construction project with more of a kind of scaffolding, aluminum alloy scaffolding specifications, have single, double wide wide, straight ladder type, inclined ladder type, cantilever type, hanging type and other types, complete specifications, building scale and flexible in form, strong adaptability, light and strong security, construction unit by more and more attention. Aluminum alloy scaffolding in terms of design standard and safety performance far win the traditional iron and steel scaffolding, because it is light, strong and easy to install. In common indoor aerial work, single and double aluminum alloy scaffolding is wide use most two specifications, the building height is along with the actual requirements of flexible change of the number of sets of scaffolding by connecting rod fixed together as a whole, can be laid at the top pedal used as aerial work platform, improve the work efficiency, when choosing scaffolding, can choose straight ladder type or oblique ladder type, which is suitable for construction materials and tools to carry weight to climb. The top of the scaffold with fences, effective standard operation to ensure the safety of construction personnel; Can choose different specifications of the external support with height, enhance the stability of the scaffold; Aluminum alloy scaffolding generally equipped with strong bearing force casters with locking device, also has the function of the adjustable height can convenient mobile scaffold, on uneven ground by adjusting the caster screw is scaffold to achieve horizontal position; Aluminum alloy scaffolding overall no small parts such as screws, build process without auxiliary tools, convenient and quick. And cantilever scaffold outside the specifications are used for building floor edge construction operations, such as non-standard building construction, through on the top of the scaffold structures, horizontal extension platform, the support by using diagonal, fixed weight at the bottom of the scaffolding, construction personnel can work safely on the extension platform, installed at the bottom of the castor can easily move the scaffold. At the top of the tall buildings, such as the need to install the top advertising signs, exterior wall renovation, etc. , can be built for hanging scaffold, and aluminum alloy plate fastener scaffold is the default choice, edge at the top of the floor mounting bracket, following step by step build button scaffolding, form a solid whole, safe and strong, can resist wind. Button scaffolding have more complete parts specifications, can be flexibly set up various types and sizes of the scaffold, the majority of large used in bridge engineering, used as a support or pier construction, small, often used in houses and other small construction, the work high above the use. Aluminum alloy scaffolding specification operation is also very important, the scaffold structures, specification and from the operating norms, the studied should be prior training, so as to more safety in production, improve efficiency. Check whether the ground is flat, if uneven, whether can you through the adjustable feet adjustment of the aluminum alloy scaffolding to level off. Check the ground can support tower structures, and mobile, the safe working load of aluminum alloy scaffolding specification inspection in advance. Compared to traditional iron, steel scaffolding, aluminum alloy scaffolding has more advantages such as safety, operation, weight, by the construction of more and more recognition, choose different aluminum alloy scaffolding specifications, according to the conditions in the construction industry in the future, aluminum alloy scaffolding will become the mainstream.
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