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Decorate with architectural basic introduction to decorate with scaffolding scaffolding scaffolding when aluminum alloy scaffolding in jiangsu - Jiangsu Shizha

by:Shizhan     2020-09-30
For our production of decoration with construction scaffolding, many friends are generating more interest, here we do detailed introduction for you. Decoration with construction scaffolding refers to the construction site for workers operation and solve the vertical and horizontal transportation and erection of all kinds of support. Bearing performance is good, it has a simple installation, safe usage, etc, are developing fast, decorate with construction scaffolding in all kinds of new type of scaffolding, develop early, use too much. Decorate with construction scaffolding first developed by the United States, and 60 s, Europe, Japan and other countries successively application and development of this type of scaffolding. Beginning in the late 70 s, China successively introduced from Japan, the United States, Britain and other countries and the use of this scaffolding. Above is that we use to decorate construction scaffolding is a basic introduction, after you to understand, hopes to be helpful for everyone to use decoration with construction scaffolding.
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