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'Decorate with construction scaffolding, convenient, and lighter just premise' decoration with construction scaffolding & scaffold for indoor decoration & socket type plate steel pipe support - jiang

by:Shizhan     2020-09-29
Hint: if you have any questions on the decoration with construction scaffolding of the case, please don't bid more consultation, our customer service staff will be warm, with all the questions for you! Decoration with construction scaffolding advantages and USES: mainly used for decoration, installation and maintenance, aerial work. Belong to the aluminum alloy material, convenient, and lighter. Decorate with construction scaffolding demolished note: 1, clear the clutter on the scaffolding and ground obstacles. 2, dismantling sequence should be top-down, forbidden and homework at the same time. 3, when the scaffolding down to the bottom after a long pole height, should be in place by temporary reinforcement to dismantle. This site ( http://www。 atjsj。 com/products- 细节。 asp吗? cpid = 15) Copyright published decoration with construction scaffolding, etc all belong to jiangsu Shizhan scaffolding engineering co. , LTD. , unauthorized reprinting or excerpting is not or use other ways to use the above works. Reprint this website jiangsu Shizhan scaffolding engineering co. , LTD. The content, please inform us, thank you for your cooperation.
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