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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
Aluminum alloy scaffolding set-up, demolition of workers shall be suspended before work, scaffold erection, demolition by the regulations of the state, special operations personnel, safety technology training shall be conducted by the relevant departments, the inspection qualified. Work with other accredited construction workers, only to do some work. After training, and may not work independently on rack. Don't make the top and bottom frame overload. Please do not jump to avoid the impact load. ( 1) 。 By the team leader led the workers in the construction. Work environment and required: after inspection and remove hidden dangers, aluminum alloy scaffolding products should be test related job. ( 2) 。 Work in the progress of the construction of this project construction process, aluminum alloy scaffolding should always be a step higher than working face, but not suitable for unfinished construction scaffolding workers at a time ( Rest or work) Leave work. The erection of scaffolding, can not leave without a fixed component. Aluminum alloy scaffolding must work by scaffolding and security officer, head of the inspection before acceptance. Scaffold platform use for a long time, must after quality aluminum plate, engineering has the conditions of use, shall not be unsecured artifacts ( 3) 。 Other devices on the scaffolding, masonry construction on the frame uniformly distributed load is not more than 300 kg/m2, decorate construction framework must not exceed 2 square meters. ( 4) 。 High-rise building scaffolding is higher than surrounding buildings, if the protection range of the lightning arrester installed in adjacent buildings or structures, should avoid danger from lightning. ( 5) 。 Manufacturer at present stage the most commonly used ground load finally passed by a number of steel pipe frame bar button scaffolding, small horizontal rod, large horizontal stem and vertical stem transferred to the shelves, therefore, in the process of erection, solid backfill material must be flat, compaction, drainage treatment, in order to prevent the foundation settlement, inclination, collapse. ( 6) 。 Trestle settlement caused by aluminum alloy scaffolding, demolition and use the commonly used reinforcement measures are as follows: design height ( Less than 15 m) , area and shelf distance capacious; When design height is bigger, use the tensile strength and compressive strength on the connection of the wall components in the drawing frame during construction, foreign framework and buildings should be protected. When design height is bigger, when using a join point ( Connection of the wall part) Pull up framework and buildings, should protect the external framework and buildings. ( 7) 。 Construction of the operational layer scaffold should be covered, laid and the spacing between the wall shall not be more than 15 cm, there should not be a detection board outside the frame. ( 8) 。 , laid on the construction of the operational layer scaffold should cover the wall with wall should not be greater than the spacing between the structure of the spacing, may not appear in the framework of the lateral detecting plate. In the framework of the lateral set 1. 2 m high guardrails, set the height not less than 18 cm foot, prevent workers, materials and tools; AnQuanPing network installed in the working layer below the outside of the scaffold material or tool to override the high-rise building. Safety protection layer should be set up tents and should be fully enclosed, to prevent falling material, and protect the homework for the following personnel. ( 9) 。 Don't be too much concentrated material on aluminum alloy scaffolding, to avoid overloading or fall into the upper and lower shelf, to avoid overloading or down. Don't jump from the top to the bottom, in order to avoid impact load caused by failures. ( 10) 。 Before check whether hanger of rigging and reliable operation. Safety lock is flexible suspension rod, orbit is stable, the orbit is complete, scaffolding is laid on the upper and lower frame, are not allowed to climb down from the window, to prevent the operator from the security in the process of falling accident operating belt bind to a safe place. ( 11) 。 Factory sales of aluminum alloy scaffolding must have test certificates, the specifications of the aluminum alloy, processing and transportation process, to ensure the quality of product can't hurt. ( 12) 。 Aluminum alloy scaffolding rental, which need to detect whether there is damage to the pipe pole, asked to change the new rod, ensure the safety of the employees in the aerial work, purchasing the fitting width of the size of the scaffold to form a complete set, cannot be used on. Tengda security focus of science and technology aerial work, scaffold can be sold for rent, the price is reasonable, product quality, with certificate of quality, welcome to come to consult.
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