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by:Shizhan     2020-08-22
Shenzhen tengda aluminum alloy scaffolding in conformity with the SGS certification, accord with Europe and the United States ANSI, justice in the United States EN, Australia AS quality inspection. Aluminum alloy scaffolding main characteristics are the following: first, aluminum alloy scaffolding platform area length is 2. 0 m and 2. 5 m, width 0. 83 m, double wide 1. 35 m second: working platform bearing 275 kg, each layer of security of the whole tower bearing 600 kg third: aluminum alloy scaffolding in strict accordance with the surveyor to SGS certification standard design and manufacture of main frame and the pull rod is the fourth: 2 mm wall thickness of high quality aluminum, with high-strength robot welding technology to finish fifth: diameter of 5. 8 cm high strength aluminum alloy tube 6: all lever and the inclined support is to use cold working process, solid and durable: 7 with used as solid support adjustable diagonal, length of 4. 6 m 8: aluminum alloy scaffolding height to 0. By increments of 4 m, equipped with adjustable leg 9:50 cm in length with a safe, independent and free installation guardrail finally: aluminum alloy scaffolding warranty for 3 years aluminum scaffolding apply to what place? In the water, power, aviation, shipping, shopping malls, hotels, stadiums, high-altitude maintenance repair cleaning and other industries are widely used. The narrow space aluminum alloy scaffolding convenient operation? The answer is ok. Reason is the height adjustable aluminum alloy scaffolding, free from close, can in the elevator stair steps lawn marble tile and other complex ground use; High strength, prevent slippery castor, can avoid damage to the ceramic tile, wooden floors on the ground; In narrow space freely in and out.
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