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by:Shizhan     2020-08-23
Activity of aluminum alloy scaffolding generally is also called mobile scaffolding, its characteristic is mainly used in the ground uneven joints can be directly in the process of activity castor adjusting lever, 40 cm adjustable difference, this design is to facilitate the steps and lawns, security operations in the sand. Aluminum alloy scaffolding is activities with wheels, and some can brake, some not, general normal will bring the brake wheel, guard move when working. The whole platform frame rail, diagonal manufactured is devoid of welding process, increase service life and bearing, ensure the safety of aerial work. Activity of scaffolding the whole tower of light weight, a set of double the height of 3 m wide is about 36 kg, the weight of the 1/3 of the steel pipe scaffold is approximately equal to the same height, easy to use smart, indoor decoration, outdoor advertising, equipment installation, construction, factory daily maintenance, air cleaning, and other purposes. Not limited by the height and space when using, platform width divided into 0. 75 m and 1. Working within the 35 meters, the space of restenosis can use unit width 0. 75 width, and can build style suspension, flower beds, swimming pool and other places to use convenient. In the streets or Bridges construction, erection of Jackie chan, conveyor is not only good-looking appearance, convenient and practical, install and remove the artificial cost is low, don't need professional technical workers, skilled operation of ordinary workers can complete. Products will figure the Product picture aluminum alloy scaffolding because of its strong stability, no rust, light weight, convenient installation, no small parts and get the favour of construction unit, according to the using range of different choice of different aluminum alloy scaffolding, aluminum alloy sheet width of scaffolding, building construction can be used to narrow scope, double scaffold is suitable for wide in construction and industrial use, scaffolding can provide straight ladder, choice of oblique ladder or by ladder; Vertical ladder structure can provide work space, reduce the build time, any level, scaffolding work platform can be set up to the tower height is 43 cm per level. Aluminum alloy scaffolding have greater flexibility in elegant combination design, improve utilization; Convenient installation, aluminum alloy scaffolding double wide walk ladder frame work with wide framework USES 45 degrees; Convenient to carry on the tools and materials handling; Aluminum alloy scaffolding attached handrails, platforms, self lock, security firm; With 5, 7, 8 class walk ladders to highly flexible use; Lightweight solid structure, set up easily; Aluminum alloy scaffolding work frame bridge: the bridge with handrail column, the door frame used to suit different environmental needs. Product detail Product detail drawing2mm thickness aluminum tube, aluminium material bar and diagonal interface is used to distinguish different color adjustable brace, tear open outfit is convenient to open the door pedal, prevent slippery drop, convenience and Product packaging, Product packaging to buy information products feature specification aluminum alloy plate fastener scaffold, to Hong Kong Ocean Park exterior wall decoration engineering, for example, in the irregular outside wall structures, traditional steel pipe scaffold is not feasible, and adopt the aluminum alloy plate fastener scaffold, is that it can be according to the requirements of the concrete construction, form different group size, shape and bearing capacity of single and double row scaffolding, racks, columns and other functions of construction equipment. Important is aluminum alloy plate fastener scaffold than steel pipe of the same specification button scaffolding, lighter weight, reduce the difficulty of building remove, at the same time the overall bearing is higher. Large scaffold will adopt aluminum alloy plate scaffolding, service life is a lot higher than the fastener scaffold and generally can be used for more than 10 years, due to the abandoned bolt connection. Even if the rust does not affect the spell to use. Less maintenance, loading and unloading fast, transportation convenient, easy to store. Shenzhen city tengda security technology research co. , LTD. Business scope: mechanical design, equipment sales, technical services as a whole. In the field of aerial work experience, has a group of young, active technology team. Professional to provide more convenient and practical equipment and high technology solutions. Company's products in the energy, property management, such as traffic, factory, municipal, exhibition industry in the use of broad, the direction of the company is facing the whole country, has repeatedly involved in the project construction and the plan implementation experience. Company in a safe, advanced, continuously expand the practical concept of enterprise development, we are better able to benefit from the development of the cooperation unit. Shenzhen city tengda security technology research co. , LTD is a professional design, development, production, sales Aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturing enterprises. The company has professional and technical personnel, sophisticated production equipment, production capacity, to make the work high above the equipment, security work. Specializing in the production of: fast loading the work high above the work frame, mobile scaffolding, button type aluminum alloy scaffolding, scaffolding disc structure, maintenance cleaning aluminum frame lease sales lifts the botanical garden and aerial work machinery overhead working truck vehicle bridge scaffold and its accessories aluminum alloy scaffolding aluminum elevator overhead working truck aluminum alloy scaffolding, cllimbing trolley transfer at clean equipment unit width aluminum alloy scaffolding, double aluminum alloy scaffolding, wide bridge type aluminum alloy scaffolding, scaffolding door, folding the scaffolding, scaffolding, button scaffolding, scaffolding wholesale, scaffolding rental, construction scaffolding, scaffold engineering, construction scaffolding, decorate scaffolding, scaffold ladder type, new scaffold, trapezoidal scaffold, aluminum scaffolding, insulation scaffolding, scaffolding leasing, scaffolding, scaffolding, aluminum alloy extension workbench, our aluminum alloy workbench; Reliable quality, excellent after-sales service, favored by the recognition and trust of users.
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