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Different USES of the scaffold characteristics - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizhan security

by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
Different types of engineering construction to choose different USES of scaffolding and formwork. Bridge racks used bowl of scaffold, has used the door scaffolding. So, what is the distinguishing feature of scaffolding? Scaffolding compared with the general structure, the working conditions has the following characteristics: 1, by load variation; 2, fastener cohesion belong to semi-rigid nodes, and the node rigid intrusive associated with fastener quality, installation quality, node performance there is a big variation; 3, initial defects of scaffold structure, components, such as initial bending of bar, rust, erection of dimension error, the eccentricity of charge are larger; 4, and wall of the connecting point, bigger binding variation on the scaffold. Discussion on above issues piled up and statistical data, lack of system does not have independent probability analysis condition, so the structural resistance adjusting multiplied by the coefficient of less than 1 its value is to choose the safety factor of the calibration after and before. Therefore, the planning method in this specification choose essentially belongs to the probability of half and half experience. Scaffolding satisfies the requirement of the structure of the provisions of this specification are the basic conditions for planning and accounting. Process set-up process: 1, shelves, upright position before the solid foundation of the line to put rod sweeps the floor, sweep the floor vertical rod and rod fastening to sweep the floor small bar, with vertical stem and sweep the floor and rod fastening step big bar and rod fastening - with each step putlog second step to the second step of ledger Ann, Ann small rail - adding temporary inclined strut, the top and the second step is the main rail fastening ( After installed and column connecting rod to remove) - the third step, four main rail and small rail - column installed on the second floor and the pull rod - stud - shear brace - laid scaffolding, tie protection and foot, hanging safety net. 2, the frame body and the structure of the Rachel ( Flexible Rachel) Choose Φ 6 bar, top bracing, composed of steel pipe and other parts, including steel tension, pressure from top, steel tube, etc. 3, safety nets, 1) Hang set requirements: safety net should hang tight, with plastic colligation, dismiss colligation, shall not be leakage eyes at two network connecting should be tied to the same bar. Safety net to hang in the scaffolding inside. ( 2) Scaffolding and construction between layers according to the acceptance specification set closed flat screen, avoid clutter down.
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