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Disclosure - outside the frame work safety Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizhan safety technology

by:Shizhan     2020-08-26
Disclosure content: 1, the personnel of the erection and removal of the fastener type steel pipe scaffold must be tested for their professional qualified scaffolder, scaffolder should show certificates. Take down the scaffolding workers must wear safety helmet, wearing a seatbelt, wearing non-slip shoes. 2, scaffolding must have the plate at the bottom of the vertical pole or wood square, concrete block. 3, scaffolding components quality and build quality, should press JGJ130 - 2011 the provisions of chapter 8 acceptance check, for the integrity of the steel tube, makes a detailed check on gay-straight; Check the integrity of fasteners, to have a crack, damage, deformation, smooth silk buckle determined not to use; Check the scaffolding of distortion, splitting, decayed. And make sure the qualified after use. (4), steel pipe punching is forbidden. Scaffolding set-up a steel pipe, each must first be fixed firmly to, fastener tightening next step operation can proceed. 5, comply with the design requirements, the construction load on the work layer shall not be overloaded. Shall not be template bracket, cable wind rope, pumping concrete and mortar conveying pipe fixed on the frame body; It is forbidden to hang the equipment, it is forbidden to dismantle or move on the rack body safety protection facilities. 6, in use process, should be equipped with specialist care construction, when the abnormal situation, should immediately stop the construction, and should be quickly pulled away from the work surface. Measures should be taken to ensure safety, find out the cause, judgment and processing. 7, when there are more than six levels of strong wind and the wind, fog, rain or snow weather should stop scaffolding and demolition work. Rain, snow back on assignments due and anti-sliding measures, and shall remove snow. 8, scaffolding, should not be conducted at night and demolition work. 9, scaffolding safety inspection and maintenance, should press JGJ130 - The provisions of chapter 8 of 2011. 10. Scaffolding shall be laid firm, sealed. And apply safety net double out. Construction layer every 10 meters below application safety net sealed shut. 11. Single, double row scaffolding, cantilever scaffold in vitro application of dense mesh around along the frame type safety net fully enclosed, dense mesh type safety net should be set up scaffolding stud on the inside, and should be with tie rack body strong. 12. During the foot hand use, it is forbidden to dismantle the following link: 12. 1 master node longitudinal and transverse horizontal pole, longitudinal and transverse rod sweeps the floor; 12. 2 even walls. When the scaffold is in use process or trench excavation scaffold under the foundation of equipment foundation, must reinforce the measures on scaffolding. And the scaffold with full support during the installation process, temporary fixed measures should be taken to prevent tipping. 15. Opening on the erection of scaffolding, the lateral due and protective measures to prevent falling objects hurtful. 16. On the scaffolding, when electricity, gas welding, should have fire prevention measures and personnel guards. 17. Site erection of temporary electricity lines and scaffolding grounding, lightning protection measures, etc. , should be according to the current industry standard JGJ46 in the construction site temporary electricity safety technical regulations on the relevant provisions. 18. Take down the scaffolding, the ground should be set fencing and warning signs, and shall assign personnel to guard, not operation personnel are strictly prohibited. Scaffold erection process, pull strings to ensure scaffolding set-up in a horizontal line by poling. Scaffolding must go through the basis of hardening treatment meet the requirement of bearing capacity, and do no water, no subsidence, roof base of more than 75% of the strength of concrete must meet the design to construction. 21. Set-up work underline mark area, pedestrians are banned, unified command, echoed up and down, coordination, it is strictly prohibited under the command unmanned operation. When the unlock fasteners related with another person must tell each other, and get the permission, to prevent falling cuts. 22. Began to take to set up the rod should every 6 set across a brace, until a stable after installation, the wall shall be removed depending on the situation. 23. Scaffolding in a timely manner with Rachel or take temporary topside structure, to ensure the safety in the erection process, scaffold before daily work unfinished, it is important to ensure that shelf stability. 24. Scaffolding set-up, must cooperate with construction schedule a build-up shall not exceed the height of the adjacent wall more than a step or two. 25. During the erection shall be inspected by safety personnel monitor, shelves, etc, acceptance and visa. Once every two step acceptance, to fulfill the requirements of design and construction after qualified brand.
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