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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
In order to strengthen the construction safety management, adhere to the principle of safety first, prevention first, does the safe production, everyone duty, according to this responsibility. 1 a, scaffolding demolition requirements. According to the demolition of the scene of the situation, comprehensively check scaffold fastener connection, such as wall, the supporting body whether conform to the requirements of the component, and remove debris and obstacles on the ground, on scaffolding fence marks set up the warning line, pport and guard personnel command, in advance to get rid of the retained on scaffolding materials and other sundry. 2. After demolition order should be raised parts removed, first raised parts before they are demolished, it is forbidden to use pushed or pulled down the demolition of practice, not a single dismantle the heavier rods are dangerous components. Demolition should be carried out step by step a top-down, forbidden and homework at the same time. 3. The removal of scaffolding should be a clear step, the piecewise dismantled elevation difference should not be greater than 2 steps, demolition of bracing and longitudinal rod, should be dismantled fasteners, ends after the demolition of fasteners. Demolition of fasteners, the measures to prevent steel tube suddenly fall. Even the wall must be demolished with scaffolding each layer, it is strictly prohibited to even the walls of the whole layer removed after dismantle scaffold; When scaffold light lower down the last main stem height, should be in place after the erection of reinforced, demolition of the wall again. 4. Dismantling scaffolding parts should be shipped to the ground, the shelf dismantled should be passed down, scaffolding parts shipped to the ground, should clear in time, pickup. Remove the bar and spare parts, should according to the type of piles, it is strictly prohibited to high altitude cast steel, fasteners, etc. 5. Comprehensive review of scaffold fasteners connection, such as wall, the supporting body whether conform to the requirements of the component, and remove debris and obstacles on the ground, on scaffolding set up the alert area, and has the specialist is responsible for the alert. Second, dismantle scaffold outside the surrounding environment requirements: 1. In the demolition of 1-4 # floor wall outside scaffolding scaffolding and 4 # floor west wall, it is forbidden to nearby high tension line casting steel pipe, such as high tension line disconnected due to any casting steel pipe, head outside scaffolding demolished by responsibility. 2. Firmly it is forbidden to throw down steel pipes, fasteners and so on feet with hands. If the original intact facilities damaged, such as concrete ground outside scaffolding demolished for steel tube, frame, head of the board such as leasing and the ground repair responsibility for compensation. 3. Must be fully protect the original outside scaffold erection of any object, listen to the relevant personnel reasonable right arrangement. If there are damaged, the damage things of scaffolding demolished, conduct or take away on its own, head and then according to price compensation related fees. 4. Illegal operation not according to stipulations, brutal construction, which caused all the consequences shall be borne by scaffolding dismantling head outside themselves. Scaffolding demolition of head (outside A signature) : year month day
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