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Do you know how important truss is to the stage?

by:Shizhan     2020-05-15
The stage truss is a product that must be used on every stage. The stage truss is equal to the soul of the stage. What importance does the truss have on the stage? Do you know? Let us take a look at it today. Stage truss First of all, we hope to have a good stage effect, not only depends on the quality and beauty of the stage truss, but more importantly, the size of the stage venue and the layout of the stage. The choice of the venue is very important for the construction of the stage truss, because the stage truss itself has the superior conditions to increase the aesthetics of the stage, so to set the stage truss, the venue must be selected. Secondly, we must consider the design of stage construction. Before the stage is built, we must make a beautiful stage design, and through high-quality stage trusses, we can show people a very wonderful stage effect. Finally, we must pay attention to the fact that the stage effect is inseparable from the stage truss, because the stage lighting and other factors are reflected by the truss. Only the stage truss is beautiful and not artificial, so it can better highlight the stage effect. As a form of stage performance, the importance of stage setting to musicals is self-evident. It not only creates a suitable drama environment for the repertoire, but more importantly, it can turn the short moments in the theater into the eternity of the audience. The appearance and development of the stage set expands the performance space of the musical, enhances the contrast of time and space, and enables all the stage activities and scenes of the musical to proceed smoothly.
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