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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
1, take down the scaffolding must be professional scaffolder, and according to the current national standard 'special operations personnel safety technical inspection management rules' ( GB5036) The inspection qualified, show certificates. Mount guard personnel should be examined regularly, that is not suitable for high operators, will be operating on the scaffold. 2. Take down the scaffolding workers must wear safety helmet, when wearing a seatbelt, wearing non-slip shoes. 3, the operational layer on the construction load should comply with the design requirements, and shall not be overloaded; Shall not focused on scaffolds heap template, steel and other objects. Forbidden cable wind rope or fixed on scaffolds, erection of concrete pump, pump pipe and hoisting equipment, etc. More than 4, 6, and 6 high winds and rain, snow, fog should stop scaffold erection, demolition and construction work. 5, during the period of construction shall not dismantle the following link: 1) Cross sustaining, horizontal plane; 2) Even the wall; 3) Reinforcing bar: such as bracing, horizontal reinforcing rod, rod, sealing rod sweeps the floor, etc. ; 4) Rail. 6, homework needs, temporary demolition of cross sustaining or even the wall should be approved by the competent department in charge of, and shall meet the following requirements: 1) Cross sustaining local removed only at the side of the door frame, temporary, under the door frame, demolition of cross sustaining level should be put with horizontal plane or scaffolding. After completion of assignments, should immediately resume dismantling cross support; Removed for a long time, the armrest should be added or safety net; 2) Individual wall piece, could only be removed before the demolition, after security measures should be taken, and should be resumed immediately after completion of the work; Not at the same time in the vertical or horizontal to dismantle two and more than two walls. 7, on the basis of the scaffold, or adjacent mining operations are strictly prohibited. 8, along the scaffold outside do not climb. 9, the scaffold should be designated persons responsible for regular inspection and maintenance work. For high-level scaffolding door frame vertical pole foundation settlement should be done regularly check, found that immediate measures should be taken. 10, remove the door frame and accessories should be clear the stained with dirt on the bar and thread, classification of inspection and maintenance, according to the varieties, specifications and sorting storage, safekeeping.
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