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by:Shizhan     2020-09-29
Gantry scaffolding: http://www. atjsj。 com/products- 细节。 asp吗? cpid = 261) Doors scaffold erection sequence: put the base & rarr; The first step frame installed on the base & rarr; Shear support & rarr; Laying the pedals ( Or parallel to the frame) On barge core & rarr; Step on the door frame & rarr; Locked arms. 2) Need to consolidate, and appropriate pave 100 mm slag layer and the desire and should do well drainage slope, in case of water. 3) Door type steel pipe scaffold should start at one end to the other end of the set-up, shangbu scaffold should be done in the next step after the completion of the scaffold erection. The erection direction contrary to the next step. 4) Should be in the first step of scaffold erection of endpoint base insert two common door frame, and then fitted with fixed cross rod, lock the lock plate, and then after the erection of the door frame, each cross, cross rod and locks fitted immediately. 5) The outer edge of the door type steel pipe scaffold bracing should be set up, the vertical and longitudinal shall be set up in a row. 6) Scaffolding need to set up and building reliable links, links to a spacing of transverse step shall not be greater than 3, shall not be greater than the vertical step 3 ( When scaffold height < 20 m) And step 2 ( When scaffold height> 20 m) 。 Gantry scaffolding the problem: gantry scaffolding in our country, the production and use of time is not long, the research unit of scaffolding, sui generis, each other is not universal, variety specification variety. 1, scaffolding parts name inconsistent 2, various size of the main parts of the section size of 3, scaffolding steel tube used in different doors scaffold purpose: 1, used for buildings, halls, Bridges, overpass, tunnel and other template supporting roof or fly die within the frame. 2, for high-rise building inside and outside the exhaust gate scaffolding. 3, for mechanical and electrical installation, ship hull building and other decoration engineering activities of the working platform. 4, using doors scaffold with simple roof, can constitute a temporary site dormitory, the warehouse or barrack. 5, used for erection of temporary balcony and stand.
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