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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Guangdong aerial work platform contact telephone: 18420150310 doors scaffold is one of the current application more types of scaffolding, have played a corresponding effect on many occasions. Gantry scaffolding what performance? For this problem, also need to see, what are the advantages of the scaffolding door type, and what are its shortcomings and at the same time. Door of the scaffold material is usually galvanized pipe, it through welded together. By co2 gas shielded welding, grinding, welding slag, spray paint and other process produced. Widely used gantry scaffolding, commonly used to interior decoration or simple exterior wall construction, can also be used to decorate and do support the body. Also can be equipped with castor wheels, so move quickly, is also quite convenient. About the packing and shipping, we are galvanized strip steel used by domestic basic packaging loading for packing and transportation. Such doors scaffold, the main or keep long life, no maintenance within the useful life, very much easier then. Advantages of scaffold: door scaffold geometry size standardization. Reasonable structure, good mechanical performance, make full use of the advantage of steel strength, high bearing capacity. Easy construction of outfit, high construction efficiency, save work time saving, safe and reliable, and affordable. Gantry scaffolding drawback: no flexibility, frame size frame size of any changes to switch to another type of door scaffold and its accessories. Cross sustaining easily broken in the hinge points. Finalize the scaffolding is heavier. The price is more expensive. Doors scaffold adaptability: structural shape scaffold; Liang, plate frame brace ( Under vertical load) ; Tectonic activity workbench. Above our steel scaffolding made related introduction, as well as other types of scaffolding, doors scaffold has not only advantages, defects also exist at the same time. Choose doors scaffold, on the one hand, to see whether the demand situation, while at the same time also need and other types of scaffolding to do the contrast of relevant aerial work platform manufacturers in guangdong
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