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Doors scaffold which four functional features are there? Hebei mobile aerial work platforms Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus on the work high above the

by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
The four functions of doors scaffold features: doors scaffold has four characteristics 1, multiple USES 2 doors scaffold, gantry convenient. 3, the erection and dismantling of scaffolding doors scaffold safety reliable, cheap and practical 4 doors scaffold. First of all, the doors scaffold has a variety of purposes. 1. It used to support the building, hall, bridge, overpass, tunnel, etc in the template of the roof. Or as a flying templates support main frame. 2. 3 grid inside and outside of high-rise building were used as the scaffold. Mechanical and electrical installation, ship hull building decoration engineering, such as mobile work platform 4. Door with a simple roof of the scaffold can be a temporary workers' dormitories, warehouse or barrack 5. The makeshift observation deck and stands second, gantry scaffolding dismantling is convenient. 1. Ordinary workers can insert, coverage and hang any six erections. 2. The maximum weight of single piece not more than 20 kilograms, so the lifting, assembly, disassembly and transportation is very convenient. Ordinary high scaffolding dismantling unarmed can complete, greatly improving the efficiency. Door scaffolding dismantling 1/2 times faster than the fastener steel pipe, 2/3 times faster than bamboo scaffolding. Third, the safe door scaffold 1. Overall performance is good, is equipped with a foot pedal, parallel to the frame, wall fastening tube, level and the horizontal tube and vertical and horizontal bar locking devices. 2. Reasonable bearing capacity: riser under vertical pressure directly, the performance indicators meet the construction requirements. 3. Good fireproof performance. Fourth, all main frame and accessories are steel door scaffold was both cheap and practical. 1. According to user reports and data at home and abroad, if maintained, portal frame can be repeated use of more than 30 times. Bamboo and wood frame is unparalleled. 2. Gantry scaffolding weight per unit area of 50% lower than the fastener type steel tube frame, cost per demolition is half of the steel frame, 1/3 of the bamboo and wood frame. The efficiency and benefit is remarkable, building the high benefit the better.
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