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by:Shizhan     2020-08-22
Aluminum alloy scaffolding is a solid and lightweight construction altitude equipment, it has high strength, reliability, durability and safety, can be folded and can move very easy installation convenient disassembly. Size is diversiform, have a mini, single and double width of several types, this means that the scaffold can be used in the family and business. Applicable people: decorator, plumbers, electricians, painter, carpenter, air-conditioning installation work, maintenance, etc. ; Applicable fields are: maintenance walkways, TV set, construction sites, the roof channel, highway, airport, shopping centers, custom aisle, hanging, swimming pool, the theater, stadium, sundry, aviation, museums, factories, power stations, hospitals, atrium, shopping malls, railway, subway, machine repair, Bridges, housing casting racks, outdoor advertising. Why aluminum alloy scaffolding to be the best high-altitude equipment building industry? 1) Simple components, spare parts waste is not lost. 2) Simple installation, saving the cost of building. 3) Simple to use, no electrical equipment, up and down directly, without other actions. 4) Bearing capacity is strong, strong security, bearing is 200 kg per square meter, the whole tower bearing is 1000 kg, triangle principle with high stability. 5) Reduce the transportation cost The required size and fuel vehicle. 6) Site operation need less labor - Human, crane cost and safety/lifting event to a minimum. 7) Reduced Labour - needed for installation and removal This means that the technical personnel ( Skilled operators) And less working hours. 8) Processing components - more easily The lighter parts easier to assemble. 9) Assembly - faster Aluminum alloy scaffolding up very fast. 10) When scaffold directly affect the weight of the base material or need in the region of the weight limit on transportation, aluminum is the preferred material. 11) Less likely to damage the surrounding engineering/environment. The researchers found that most of the construction industry, portability alone brought advantages for aluminum scaffolding. Benefits of additional security, interoperability and flexibility makes it the preferred aerial work equipment.
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