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Efficient mobile scaffold - in detail Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizhan security

by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
In general, in the construction industry, and efficient mobile scaffolding is essential, it is directly related to the life safety of the construction workers. Therefore, in the process of construction, must abide by some safety requirements. Below small make up a few is summarized, together look. At the top 1, set up efficient mobile foothold, with all kinds of materials must meet quality requirements. Wants firm, the basis of construction must be calculated before installation, meet the load demand, according to the construction standard set, good drainage measures. 2, the setting of the mobile scaffolding technology in accordance with relevant regulations. 3, it is necessary to attach great importance to the scissors and tensile structures. When using the mobile scaffold with want to pay attention to safety, don't play in the shelf. Can be seen from the above, in the construction site for effective scaffold moves need to pay attention to, and the strict restrictions. Mobile scaffold can be used as the scaffold, also can be used as a scaffold or bunch of scaffolding. 。 In the construction industry, therefore, can be applied to many fields, it is construction worker safety. Below small make up summary some application range of the scaffold. 。 Used for buildings, halls, Bridges, overpass, tunnel support at the top or template as the flying mode of main frame. As the interior and exterior grille scaffolding of high-rise buildings. Mechanical and electrical installation, ship repair and other decoration engineering activities of the working platform. A simple roof installed a mobile scaffold, it can form a temporary or tents. Used to set up temporary observation deck and stand. To sum up, the above content described in detail, the mobile scaffold can be applied to different fields, effect is good. 。
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