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Electric hanging basket scaffold safety operation main points of attention - Plate buckles steel pipe scaffold - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus on the work high above the

by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Plate fastener steel pipe scaffold contact phone number: 18420150310 when using electric basket, safety is the primary problem, only under the condition of ensure the safety of electric basket used, electric basket workers can be at ease to work, so we have to all aspects of safety operation of electric basket to understand somewhat, below together to learn about the electric hanging basket scaffold safety operation main points of attention. A, high work hanging basket before use must be made via the construction, installation, supervision, acceptance, hanging basket without inspection or acceptance is unqualified shall not be used. Second, the hanging basket homework personnel must be trained and rear can mount guard. It is strictly prohibited to operate without training personnel basket. It is forbidden to have high blood pressure, acrophobia workers have been using hanging basket, etc. It is forbidden to drink and use the hanging basket. Hanging basket hard homework personnel shall not wear shoes, plastic shoes, or other easy sliding shoes, are strictly forbidden in the hanging basket use up tools such as ladder, stool, shelf, it is strictly prohibited to run to the vertical jump in the basket. Three, the hanging basket use personnel must wear safety helmet, safety rope, fasten safety helmet buckle, and fasten your seat belt. High work hanging basket should be set homework personnel dedicated to hang a seatbelt safety lock, safety lock hang buy to correct in independent setting safety rope, it is forbidden to hang your seat belt on the hanging basket or wire rope etc. Four, reliable safety rope should be fixed in the building, do not connect with any part on the hanging basket, the safety rope and building parapet Yang Angle contact parts should bedding soft cloth to prevent wear and tear, such as safety rope should accord with the requirement of current national standard 'seat belt' GB6095, its diameter should be consistent with the specifications of the safety lock, safety rope knot loosely, break bulk, not a phenomenon. Five practice shall be single launch, hanging basket, configuration should be not more than 2 homework personnel, hanging basket should cooperate with each other in the process of lifting, steel wire, cable and observe to do, to meet projections should avoid or take measures in time, prevent the hanging basket and cable by the hook, collision, suspended or winding. Hanging basket construction elevation exist outside the window, shall all be closed before construction, prevent collisions. Six, hanging basket during normal operation, the operation staff should begin from the ground into the basket, not from the top building, the place such as Windows or other holes in the hanging basket to go in and out. Within the hanging basket the operation such as installation, maintenance, operation personnel shall wear tool bag. Seven, in a thunderstorm, heavy fog and wind under bad weather conditions, such as wind speed is greater than 5 it is forbidden to hanging basket into operation. Eight, the normal construction, the limit load of hanging basket shall not be greater than 80% of the rated load. In the construction of hanging basket load should try to keep even. Shall not the hanging basket as vertical transportation equipment, transport materials and frequent lifting operation using hanging basket. Hanging basket lift runtime nine, the operator should always pay attention to the operating condition of parts, such as found hoist fever, noise big, burning smell, wire rope broken wires, safety lock failure, on both ends of the hanging basket lift speed not divide evenly, limit switch failure, abnormal situations, such as operating switch disorders should fall back ground in time for maintenance, good rear can continue to construction, it is strictly prohibited to equipment to run in spite of illness. Horizontal tilt, suddenly loses power occurs when the hanging basket, wire jump lock or flies the anomalies such as fracture, construction personnel should keep calm, do not panic running in the hanging basket, shall notify the maintenance personnel according to the prescribed procedures, then hanging basket fall back ground maintenance. It is forbidden to overhaul hanging basket, high in the sky when using hanging basket, should eliminate affect the normal operation of hanging basket. In the scope of the hanging basket may fall material damage, safety isolation zone should be set up and warning signs, researchers may not stay, or traffic. Ten, hanging basket electrical control box must not use other wiring as lighting and other power supply, in case of accident. 11, a day to work using hanging basket, should first check the power supply, wire rope, bracket, climbing, counterweight iron is in line with the requirements, check whether the safety lock and lifting mechanism is in good condition, to ensure safe rear can into the basket. 吗? Smooth into the hanging basket formula: fasten your seat belt, hanging basket; Test the safety lock, leveling the workbench. Twelve, before leaving the hanging basket from work every day in the face of the safety lock, and mortar on the steel wire rope hoist sundry make a simple removal to ensure that the mechanical properties of normal, hanging basket operators at work hanging basket platform should be dropped to the ground or lower levels of the window, and use the rope well fixed not let the hanging basket blowing in the wind. At noon and evening classes may not will stay in mid-air hanging basket, basket should be put to the ground. Personnel conduct hanging basket, basket maintenance or after daily work, the main power supply shall be cut off, and there he put the electrical cabinet each switch disconnect and lock position. Put the hanging basket formula: handle dangling, cut off the main power supply; Smooth out the hanging basket, remove your seat belt. 13, emergency processing techniques: safety lock open method -- — Will open a hanging basket up and leveling bench can unlock ( Should never be push, move safety arm, wheels and other moving parts) Ran continuously processing - — Press the total stop and turn off the power immediately and notify the maintenance personnel motor sliding handle - — Immediately open up one or two meters can slide, and immediately notify the maintenance personnel. Important points about electric hanging basket scaffold safety operation is introduced here, I hope everyone can to understand the knowledge, so for the safety of electric basket specification more beneficial operation, electric basket workers themselves and the safety of the electric basket is more secure. Plate buckles steel tube scaffold
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