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by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
Insulation scaffold is composed of base, bar, a combination of discrete components such as diagonal are used in the insulation of the aerial work platform, for high construction work. It is charged ultimately guarantee of work time, high voltage electricity, etc widely used in insulation wire construction scaffolding to carry out the operation. Insulation scaffolding and what is the difference between the insulation bucket arm car? Insulated bucket arm operation method has the advantage of convenient operation, working area is large, must be chosen in the transportation is convenient, flat on the ground, car easier to reach the place construction. Insulation scaffolding as needed to cover an area of an area small, tear open outfit is convenient, without any other installation tools, even not flat on the ground can be adjusted with adjustable casters, ensuring operation safety, so the slopes, fields, elevators, narrow alleys and other workplace can be used. The tower can be split into by rail, diagonal, pedals, convenient transportation and storage. Therefore, in insulated overhead construction equipment, the application of scaffolding is wider, safety coefficient is bigger. What are the precautions for insulation of scaffolding used? 1, can't build on rainy days. 2, scaffolding 1 meter has exposed the live wire. 3, set up more than four meters must brace. 4, tower of the pedals on each other too much material, the weight is over load. 5, not when the scaffolding wet charged operations. 6, in a timely manner to the scaffold for maintenance and cleaning. When in July and high, must wear safety helmet and fasten your seat belt. Insulation of scaffold fittings have? Cross arm, vertical brace, brace, leg, guardrail, belt hanger, pedals, hanging ladder, inclined ladder, balance, straight ladder or inclined ladder. Insulation scaffold material is what? Lightweight, high strength glass fiber tube, can free maintenance for 15 years. The insulation of the safety scaffolding needs to accord with what standard? Accord with GB17620 - 1998 'live working with insulation gangway general technical conditions' and through the national authoritative department detection.
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