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Encountered such a button scaffolding, you in pieces, it will be dangerous pieces pieces button scaffolding scaffolding in jiangsu construction scaffolding - Jiangsu Shizha

by:Shizhan     2020-09-30
Button scaffolding or considerable unsafe factors, below is our details, attention, for the life of their own safety, please carefully use button scaffolding. About button scaffolding this topic, the unsafe factors have different views, we needle unsafe factors of constructional fastener this topic in your own opinion. Welcome to the discussion. Button scaffolding existing in the use of unsafe factors as follows: (1) source of fasteners, uneven quality, especially the inferior fasteners to enter the construction site price is very low; (2) the old fastener bolt have slippery silk, but still reluctant to use. Button scaffolding steel plate stamping and malleable iron. Used for erection of formwork support frame of fastener for malleable iron fasteners, materials for mechanical performance is not lower than KTH33008 malleable cast iron, its mechanical properties, tensile strength of 330 n/mm, 8% elongation, hardness HB120 ~ 163. Malleable cast iron is made by a certain composition of white cast iron through the graphitizing annealing, is larger than that of gray iron with high toughness and more used in the manufacture of into casting under impact loading. The basic requirement of measuring button scaffolding is as follows: (1) the new fastener needs a product quality certification, production license, professional detection unit test report; (2) the fastener bolt tightening torque of 70 n & middot; M, malleable pieces of fasteners shall not damage. Note above about button scaffolding safety factors can ensure the security of people's life, the correct use, welcome to inquire.
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