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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
In all kinds of engineering construction, the thickness of the pedal directly affect the safety of workers shall be built, then, what is the thickness of the security set-up should be solid foundation base soil, of the foundation with drainage measures; Plate should have enough strength and bearing area, and the center bearing; Wooden plate thickness should be not less than 50 mm, width is not less than 150 mm; Using channel steel plate, the specification is not less than 10; Shall not use brick and brittle material; When using floor as supporting structure, because the construction of formwork supporting rod load often greater than the design of the floor load, thus to calculate to determine two layer or multilayer poling. Sweeping bar: longitudinal and transverse rod sweeps the floor set, steel fasteners: longitudinal rod sweeps the floor should be fixed in right-angle fastener steel pipe bottom is not more than 200 mm in the vertical pole; Transverse rod sweeps the floor should be right-angle fastener fixed in close to the vertical rod sweeps the floor at the bottom of the vertical pole; Disc button: sweeping pole bottom level pole height should not be greater than 550 mm from the ground, the adjustable base adjustment screw leakage should not be greater than 300 mm in length. Poling, steel pipe fastener type: poling lateral horizontal spacing is not more than 1200 mm, the bottom plate shall be available or bottom pedestal; Stud connectors are not allowed to overlap; The butt joint between two columns should not be in sync, and stagger distance should not be less than 500 mm, the joint center from the master node should not be greater than 1/3 of the interval; Poling verticality deviation control in 3 per thousand. The size of the support frame interval is not the ultimate bearing capacity of the stud approximate inverse linear relationship between; Construction load is bigger, appropriate to reduce the lateral horizontal interval, to reduce the poling slenderness ratio, fully 収 wield the strength of the steel pipe; A doubling of bar length calculation, the ultimate bearing capacity will be reduced by 50% ~ 70%.
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