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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
The steel pipe scaffold before installation should check the steel fasteners. Steel pipe in the case of without excessive deformation and damage should not be straightening, fasteners should not crack and deformation, should be dismantled smooth flexible bolt, remove the scaffolding, from top to bottom to prevent damage to the steel frame and damage: steel tube single row and double row scaffolding supported by large horizontal pole, diagonal, shear railings, etc. Each member shall use the distance between the vertical rod and horizontal rod fastening connection, and take measures in accordance with the regulations * before set up scaffolding in accordance with the relevant provisions, shall be removed obstacles, the scene of the ramming foundation soil, when the wire and the wire is apart from the metal frame is more than 5 m, shall not touch the field drainage grinding and scaffolding, steel tube scaffold should be no less than 3 m; Load of scaffold should be controlled within the prescribed scope ( No more than 270 kilograms per square meter) ; Standard bricks piled up on scaffolding bricks, side shall not exceed three wires, shall not be converged on scaffolding, not to mention beating, jump; When external scaffold height more than 6 m, brown rope nylon cord shall not be less than 3 m, width of coir rope length of nylon cord shall not be greater than 6 m, brown rope length of nylon cord shall not be greater than 6 m, Manila nylon cord length shall not be greater than 6 m. 10 cm material toughness and decadent hole should be able to bear no more than 4 m per square metre per square metre of available load of conifers or bamboo. Steel pipe scaffold lightning protection measures should be taken, in the specified location to install and reliable grounding device grounding device. Grounding device grounding device shall be installed long steel tube wall thickness not less than 20 mm or not less than 50 mm x 5 mm diameter circular steel or more than 50 mm x 5 mm Angle, at the same time to one end of the grounding framework into underground earthing body, while keeping the grounding body rather than the distance between the metal body or cable, while maintaining the metal body and the distance of the cable. Scaffold must be equipped with solid springboard fastening head, don't need reasonable electrician check lines and grounding of the equipment at any time, in order to prevent electric shock and injury; Steel pipe scaffold construction process, production personnel must carry out the project department and construction team to sign the 'construction safety contract'.
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