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by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
With bamboo scaffolding scaffolding is less now, still can use on rural building house, compare floor 1 - short words Layer 2, steel will not cost-effective. A, prophase work ___________ material: using bamboo grows more than 4 years, QingNen, withered and yellow, bug eat by moth, decay, cracks ( Through the section 2 above) Shall not be used. This binding: use scirpus tabernaemontani bamboo sticks, wide field. May not be a button to three. 3. Bamboo diameter: vertical pole, cross bar, bridging and tide, top the head diameter should be 7 cm or more effectively. Cross arm ( Small bar) ≥9厘米。 _____ the shelf height within 24 m, 24 m above design scheme should be compiled and the examination and approval. ⒌ uniformly distributed load on the bamboo scaffolding shall not exceed 270 kg/m2, uniformly distributed load on the bamboo scaffolding shall not exceed 200 kg/m2. Poling: ___________ lofting: bamboo scaffolding, within the scope of the foundation is leveling ramming. (1) based on the characteristics of the builder of disclosure and buildings, determine the vertical rod longitudinal and transverse spacing, the wire, nail bamboo stick lofting. 2 according to the total height of the building and the construction of the characteristic and requirement of frame interval ( Should be 1 or less. 8) First, and the height of the shelf. This depth of 30 ~ 50 cm, underlying anvil stone, have difficulty in soft soil or dig a hole, tie rod sweeps the floor. 3. Horizontal spacing: 1 ~ 1. 2 m, poling in 20 cm or less from the wall. _____ the longitudinal spacing: 1. 3 to 1. 5米( Error soil 5 cm) 。 For more than 15 m high shelf stud spacing shall not be greater than 1. 5m. Outside the stud should be higher than that of roofing 1. 2 to 1. 5m. ⒌ verticality: corner 10 cm or less, shelf among 15 cm or less. Pictures of poling lap length: not less than 1. 8 m, and joint to cross a skin, adjacent stud in the same step within the frame to stagger to each other, not with the last lap. But to stay at the top right side stud lap joints, alternates, keep the roof in the middle of the vertical degree. Three, small bar en croute extended stud in the 15 to 35 cm, 5 ~ 10 cm from metope, poling 20 cm above outside outer side out. Four, top bracing top bracing should be vertical, big head up, and the vertical rod bundle three bamboo sticks, and small diameter should be greater than small two-thirds the diameter of the stud. Top bracing should keep up and down in a straight line. Five, four big bar set ( On 1 wide. Within 2 m) , tied to a post in the side, joint under vertical rod ( On the small bar) And binding and firm, joint on the lower frame should be staggered to each other, the lap length should not be less than 1. Colligation number should not be less than 5 m, four. Six, bamboo scaffold bracing the corner, at both ends and the middle, every 15 m of double span continuous set up from the bottom up step by step. Bracing should head slightly to meet, small head, big head pressure lap length is greater than 1. Colligation not less than 5, 5 cm, and 45 ° to 30 ° to the ground. Should be buried at the bottom of the more than 30 cm high, when not buried, application of not less than 16 # lead wire strong tie rod mating parts. According to the need can also be set longitudinal continuous cross bracing, but not more than 6 across its width. http://www。 tendasz。 com/? article_25 /
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