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Event stage purchase: please support regular stage

by:Shizhan     2020-05-18
As the saying goes, everyone who crosses the street shouts and fights, as if the mouse will be wiped out, but it is not. Where did the fakes on the street come from? Every day shouting to fight fakes? Fake goods are not rare, why? No one wants to profit from it. It's like selling on the stage of an event. There are small factories that make fakes for profit. Some people say that they are the black sheep of the market. However, they are not, because this is a normal manifestation of market demand. Why do you say this, because the demanders are a group of blind, chasing cost-effective groups. I want to buy good and cheap products, but I don't have a pair of smart eyes. If you buy an event stage, if you do n’t understand, how do you know if you are being fooled? Recently, in the WeChat circle of friends, you were screened by a donation activity called Your Birth on the Same Day. This donation activity encourages netizens to donate 1 yuan to mountain children who have the same birthday as themselves. The same poor student assisted, but appeared in different birthday interface, and the name is also different. I heard that people on the same day of the birthday will have fate trapped by fate. This is the event's slogan. People's hearts, not to mention only one yuan. For one yuan, you can't buy it, you can't buy it, you can't be fooled, only one yuan can reflect your love, satisfy your vanity, and make you spend a happy day. How cost-effective! Therefore, it can swipe the screen in the circle of friends and be forwarded by potential demanders in large numbers. However, when some people questioned the alleged fraudulent donation of this activity, more and more netizens also found loopholes. What does not have the same name and birthday does not exist, as if the donors did not see it at first. Therefore, those who have donated are very unhappy. It's uncomfortable and useless. The previous love is the realm, now the love is business! And this phenomenon proves that the demanders are a group of blind, chasing cost-effective groups. Only when he was found to be deceived did he say that he was very unhappy, only because there was no cost-effectiveness and he suffered a loss. Just like buying an event stage, I found the problem only after I bought it and knew I was losing money. If you buy an event stage (Reia stage), you must increase your awareness of anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting activities, and those who are counterfeiters will have no market. This truth is well known to everyone, but someone can still be fooled. How can fakes disappear after repeated cycles? Even if there are regular stage manufacturers working hard to eliminate counterfeit goods, they can't withstand the low-cost competition of small factories, and it will not help the entire market. Therefore, please support regular stage manufacturers, please purchase event stages from regular stage manufacturers! Jiangsu Shizhan Metal Products, a stage manufacturer with many years of experience in stage production, its products include: folding stage, assembled stage, Leia stage, aluminum alloy stage, sufficient supply, complete specifications, support customized on demand, special car delivery, welcome to consult.
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