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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
And scaffolding called every scaffold again, it is a horizontal spread of erection of scaffolding construction process, more channels for construction personnel, etc. , should not be supporting system of building structure. And scaffolding for high density of scaffolding, fixed distance of adjacent bar, force uniform, so also more stable. And scaffold application places: electricity generation, factories, power supply, wall renovation, aviation, ships, large hotels, large venues, convenience stores, home interior, engineering construction, decoration cleaning and other industries widely used, users are high maintenance, repair, installation, and a good help to cleaning operations. By the vertical rod, bar, rod, scissors, etc. Shenzhen tengda every scaffolding calculation method: 1, to determine the bearing (above There are many types of per meter length, maximum) ; 2, determine the foundation bearing capacity ( Through the bearing capacity of the following) ; 3, according to the foundation bearing capacity, probably determine the support of every square metre how many vertical tubes, assigned to a specific point load; 4, determine how many tons of each vertical tube can withstand the most ( According to the pipe diameter and wall thickness calculation of allowable stress) ; 5, according to the foundation bearing capacity, the vertical pipe tonnage, to determine the vertical tube arrangement spacing; A horizontal collar beam position to consider the size; 6, vertical pole arrayed, consider horizontal pole spacing. General spacing is not greater than 1. 5 meters ( Spacing) through the calculation of compressive bar instability ; 7, attention! Horizontal bar at close to the ground and top surface should have pole ( Some RenZong think there is no need to, but usually instability to be insurance) has been up and down ; 8, vertical brace configuration, full framing brace from top to bottom to 45 ° cross continuous configuration, can't disconnect in the middle ( Namely a brace from top to the ground, the indirect long) ; Brace configuration by experience, but also can be calculated, With the theory of plane concurrent state mechanics learned) ; 9, horizontal brace configuration, as well as the longitudinal; 10, load calculation, three days is enough, considering concrete load if concrete is divided into two times, all loaded unnecessarily add to, because the previous general solidification of casting concrete, is not load, benefit calculation.
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