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Examination and acceptance of floor type scaffolding, table - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizha

by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
Floor type scaffolding, table name of the project construction unit of examination and acceptance of the subcontract unit, head of the erection of scaffolding set-up high total height acceptance time serial number acceptance content acceptance requirement acceptance record 1 construction scheme is conform to the requirements of the specification, the examination and approval of construction plan, according to the plan set-up. 2 vertical rod bearing frame support basic meet the design requirements, steel pipe scaffold has the base, reasonable drainage measures, bearing frame must be strictly in accordance with the design requirements for construction, and the structure of the connection should be solid and reliable, and meet the design requirements. 3 stud spacing poling vertical deviation meet specification requirements, longitudinal and transverse spacing poling satisfies the requirement of solution. 4 bar spacing uniform set satisfies the requirement of package size, small bar out of the frame body is not less than 100 mm. 5 bracing set every 9 m set a bracing, the Angle of 45 - 60 degrees, the lap length not less than 1 m, not less than three fasteners. 6 even points even the wall of the vertical and horizontal spacing wall conform to the requirements of the specification, even the wall points conform to the requirements of the scheme. 7 scaffold board and guard rails scaffolding material meets the requirements, binding and firm, in construction layer and every 10 m all needs to be put with scaffolding plank. The scaffold outside the standards for dense mesh type safety net and tie tight, set construction layer 1. 2 m high fence and 18 cm over the foot. Eight body inside the closed protective layer construction scaffolding rod between the building and should be closed, under construction layer every 10 m enclosed within a frame body, authors should exceed the homework layer 1. 5m。 9 materials and load shall not be less than 48 mm steel pipe diameter and wall thickness not less than 3. 5 mm, no serious rust, cracks, deformation, uniform load distribution, not overloaded. Ten body lightning protection in accordance with the provisions set lightning protection grounding device. 11 homework personnel must by the professional training of card mount guard show certificates. To acceptance: the acceptance
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