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Explore the safety management system - construction scaffolding

by:Shizhan     2020-09-28

Construction scaffolding safety management system is a kind of security for construction scaffolding, can reduce construction scaffolding safety hidden danger, to prevent the accident, what are the specific safety management system construction scaffolding? Introduced as follows. Safety management system of construction scaffolding are ( 1) After scaffolding to be present, the project department should organize joint inspection, after inspection, can be put into use. ( 2) Scaffold should satisfy the requirement of technology. ( 3) Scaffolding is manned high homework hoisting machinery, homework personnel belongs to the special operations personnel, must after passing the exam of the training, hold relevant certificates. ( 4) Scaffolding electrical systems need to set up overheating and short circuit, leakage protection devices, and set up the special power switch, may not share power and other equipment. ( 5) Suspension platform shall have sufficient strength and stiffness, bear the uniform when the rated load of 2 times, may not appear loose weld crack, bolts, rivets and structural damage to wait for a phenomenon. ( 6) Suspension platforms need to set up emergency cut off power supply control circuit of the emergency button, set independent of the other control circuit. ( 7) Safety lock and suspension platform should be reliable connection, the connection strength should not be less than 2 times to allow wallop. Safety lock need to effectively use the calibration period and effective calibration period is not more than a year. ( 8) Suspension platform below the upper pulley should be set height limiter, when platform up to 500 mm from the upper pulley can be automatically cut off power supply, prevent excessive accident. Suspension platform of lateral movement trajectory should furnish end. ( 9) Construction scaffolding should have when power make the suspension platform manual glide smoothly down. ( 10) Daily homework should be arranged before the specialist construction scaffolding for a comprehensive check and inspection of records; Before operation by the operating personnel of construction scaffolding of actuator, electrical device, safety device, control switches, wire rope, safety railing, zero/grounded, such as check, lubrication is needed lubrication. ( 11) Construction scaffolding operation personnel and construction personnel need to fasten your seat belts, belts should be hung on the safety rope safety lock. ( 12) Construction scaffolding shall be prohibited to elevator, lifting, towing equipment used; Ban overload operation; It is strictly prohibited to adjust limiter; It is strictly prohibited in the same orbit 10 m within the scope of hung two construction scaffolding work; It is forbidden to use replace the stop switch height limiter is used; Banned in a thunderstorm, heavy fog and bad weather conditions, such as wind power is greater than 5 using construction scaffolding for homework; Anybody not to change construction scaffolding parts without permission. ( 13) Construction scaffolding is prohibited to run in spite of, construction scaffolding of repair work shall be carried out on the ground, it is strictly prohibited to high altitude for maintenance; Construction scaffolding elevator runtime, suspension speed should be synchronized on both ends of the platform, in the process of lifting construction may be undertaken. ( 14) To strengthen the protection of lifting rope, avoid the wire rope damage due to factors such as click, burns. When the wire rope damage to scrap standard timely replacement. ( 15) Homework or suspension platform in the operation of the horizontal tilt should be adjusted in time, work in the power or abnormal situations, such as rope fracture operation personnel shall keep calm grasp the safety rope, and try to suspension platform down to the ground maintenance. Key words: construction scaffolding                                

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