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Exterior wall cantilever scaffold design and calculation Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizhan

by:Shizhan     2020-08-27
A project need to use cantilever scaffold scheme, the following case analysis, provide solutions, what material is for reference only, first determine the scaffolding: mainly adopts 48 mm outside diameter, wall thickness, 3. 5 mm steel tube, the material should comply with GB700 - 79 no. 3 steel technical conditions. Using iron fasteners, fastener type connection KT - should be adopted 33 - 8 malleable iron fasteners, absolutely can't use the lead wire binding. Materials division order procurement of steel, fasteners, etc. , must be uniform, good material, and should have the factory certificate and certificate of quality. Even the wall pieces of material should be consistent with existing national standards 'carbon structural steel' ( GB / T700) In the regulation of Q235, grade A steel. The second choose what structure, scaffolding, such as the choice of cantilever type: cantilever scaffold pole longitudinal from 1. 50 meters, the horizontal distance of 1. 00 m, high step to 2. 10 meters, a total of six steps, high about 15 meters. Row in the stud is 20 centimeters away from the wall, small cross stare blankly en croute 15 cm away from the wall, out the other end of the bar outside 15 cm. Four large horizontal stare blankly each step, hands on foot. The outer edge of the scaffold, in each step are stud out side set 0. 2 meters tall pole and 1 meter high fence pole that play a base, plugins. Scaffolding and the main structure of the braced, horizontal direction every two stud spacing ( 3. M). Every two steps (vertical direction, 3. 60 meters) Set a supporting point, pull, connecting rod with steel tube and scaffolding, vertical braced in upright and transverse stare blankly. Along the scaffolding on both ends of the longitudinal and the corner, in every 6 meters (on the side of the scaffold outside Horizontal distance) The left diagonal made bracing. Continuous set up step by step from bottom to top, diagonal with long steel pipe and horizontal Angle 45 ° and 60 °. Steel pipe lap length not less than 40 cm. Triangle frame adopts phi 48 x 3. Size 5 mm steel pipe, bar, bar and diagonal are all phi 48 x 3. 5 mm steel pipe. Cantilever scaffold construction sequence instead of installation and removal. Pick when installed, install the first triangle frame, and then install the upper scaffold. Dismantled and vice. The third cantilever scaffold load on the operational layer uniform live load calculation load q1 = 3 kn/m2 steel tube phi 48 x 3. 5毫米q2 = 0。 0384 kn/m2 scaffolding uniformly distributed load q3 = 0. 30 kn/m2 fastener q4 = 0. 0135 kn/q5 = 0. 0025 kn/m2, wind load and snow load little influence on the scaffolding, negligible. Calculating unit ACTS on the triangle to pick on the shelf in the concentration of F ( Considering the step operation) F = 1。 0×1. 5×3×1. 0×1. 5×0. 3 + ( 1. 3×6+1. 5×6×6+3×2 +9. 4 + 3 + 11. 8) ×0. 0384+37×0. 0135 + 1. 5×15×0. 0025 = 9. 1 ( KN) According to the inside and poling 0. 45 and 0. 55 coefficient distribution, effect on the internal and external stud the concentration of F1 and F2. Cantilever scaffold load is very important, because it is floating out, stress points is different, so to calculate clearly.
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