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Fact 【Button scaffold 】Poling docking method

by:Shizhan     2020-09-28

Buckle scaffold in the construction industry, the set is a kind of scaffolding, construction workers often applied in building, so it is such a butt? Look at the below small make up is how to operate? Button scaffold poling docking method has two kinds, and every kind of docking method is different, each have each characteristic. One is the internal link, one kind is outside. Common standards for the stud are usually 1 m, 1. 5 m, 2 m, 2. 5 meters and 3 meters, and each vertical bar at the top of the reserved 100 mm, the bottom of the reserved 400 mm, and button scaffold faceplate distance, this ensures that all products are general standards. This button scaffold after each lap joint length is 500 mm in a safe range, high scaffolding poling can be infinite, but like standard requirements, to timely cantilever and expert argumentation, etc. To sum up, small make up is detailed described, two stud button scaffold docking method. This need to consult more, can be directly call contact us oh Shizhan scaffolding manufacturer.                                

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