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by:Shizhan     2020-08-23
On March 23, 2020, 'county, country garden days reputation, block ii project, 1 worker in scaffolding demolition operations, immodesty from 26 layer falling to the ground dead. In the current construction just reply, enough to cause similar accident attaches great importance to every project, in terms of other aerial work, has arisen a new type of scaffolding: aluminum scaffolding, and most widespread enterprise customers to choose. Because of its components are connected with high intensity, support structure design science, the overall structure of security firm. Using light and solid aluminum alloy for the material as a whole. Scaffolding light weight is far from traditional scaffold, and thus it is convenient to use. A new type of scaffolding on the market at present commonly used: aluminum alloy scaffolding there are two major categories: double wide fast loading type mobile aluminum alloy scaffolding, single width of aluminum alloy fast loading scaffold; Fast loading type aluminum alloy scaffolding, which is also called the scaffold, gantry welding aluminum alloy aluminum alloy scaffold, mobile scaffold for aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy scaffolding, aluminum alloy mobile platforms, aluminum alloy scaffolding, etc. ; Dr Ladder aluminum alloy scaffolding basically has the following advantages: 1, the new type aluminum alloy scaffolding light and strong. T6 aluminum alloy - 6061 material, light weight, high strength of the material, improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity; 2, aluminum alloy scaffolding, installation of adjustable casters, portable design, on the ground or uneven ground can move, effectively reduce the operation time, shorten the construction period; 3, building demolition convenient, simple type building, the flexible components, can be combined into various irregular geometry, and does not require any installation tools; 4, save space, rail, diagonal adopts single pipe design. All parts can be stacked, compact structure, can save a lot of space, so as to provide convenience for the users of the storage and transportation; 5, strong applicability, suitable for various types of work platform, working height arbitrarily set. New aluminum scaffold in the construction industry professional in the field of super position, determines its market share will continue to expand, the security and stability. In order to effectively prevent falling accidents, I again called for project, please carefully select the scaffold strictly.
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