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by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
Fast loading scaffolding can hold more than high, scaffolding factory to tell you that a new type of scaffolding, now are fast loading, modular design, generally set up 20 30 meters is not a problem. In today's society, everyone is also more and more high to the requirement of life. All kinds of buildings were very beautiful. But good for everyone's life experience, one important reason. Is because of the construction scaffolding, this scaffolding is for our company have the 10 years of production experience. After our team is made up of the development of the research many excellent features. When making fast loading scaffolding, use delicate sheet, material is capable of adjusting to new challenges, can accurate guarantee workers get good use in the process of implementation, multi-function, high efficiency, strong commonality, large bearing capacity, safe and reliable, not easily lost, less maintenance, easy management, easy to transport. This is the reason why scaffolding factory we choose this product. Independent use, tower height beyond the bottom width 4 times, must be installed and according to the rules set up support. Is it safe to aluminum alloy scaffolding. Fast loading scaffolding operation apart after finishing check components, accessories, lunch next operation. Now leave the scaffolding, construction industry we fast loading scaffolding products completely accord with standard of shenzhen construction engineering safety civilization construction. Adjustable casters of aluminium wire rod, can be adjusted properly, ensure that tower is suitable for different height of ground environment. The scaffolding structure element must have good quality and maintenance. Forge, lend, transfer the security certificate. The same as the general fast loading scaffolding to the requirement of foundation, the foundation is not normal, please use the adjustable base feet, transferred to the use of highly, and confirm the castor, reach the balance. With small make up to get to know the below 1, energy conservation, environmental protection, product can be repeated use, the construction cost is reduced greatly. Adjustable foot support thread should be clean and clean, and add lubricant to adhere to the operation smoothly. Fast loading scaffolding whether the floor of laid a complete all the work platform, at the edge of the platform has a handrail, fence or other measures to prevent fall protection.
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