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Fastener type steel pipe scaffold erection disease and its prevention Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shi

by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
The construction fastener type steel pipe scaffold safety technical specifications '( JGJ130 - 2001). ( Hereinafter referred to as the scaffold specification) Has been enacted for three years, some construction site scaffolding poling, poling foundation, longitudinal rod, scaffolding, Bamboo basketry cross) Set-up process still do not conform to the requirements of the scaffolding specifications, such as short of check and acceptance standard, still pose a safety hazard, unsafe factors in construction process exists. Investigate its reason, main is not seriously implement new scaffolding specifications; Scaffolding special safety construction scheme to write content is not comprehensive, targeted not strong, cannot guide the construction; Special construction scheme on site erection of scaffolding type does not match, scaffolder still follow the traditional method, authors, etc. According to many years of construction site management experience, combined with the current specification, analyzes the common fault of the fastener type steel pipe scaffold erection, explore the prevention and control measures, further standardize the scaffolding. A, scaffolding, scaffolding, the existence of common fault reasons of common fault, there are three main aspects, one is the build-up, demolition, 2 it is to use process problems, three is the quality problem, fasteners, steel tube comes into play according to the above three aspects analyzed the following problems. ( A) The erection, dismantle issues the cause of a disease: 1, the erection team without qualification, not a professional construction team, unlicensed contracting a big task. The erection personnel without professional training and related department has not issued by the provincial safety supervision and administration of special type of work operation certificate, is the main cause of the disease. 2, the erection, dismantle, no plan, no special safety technical disclosure or clarificaiton no pertinence, thumb build-up, is the direct cause of build-up common fault. 3, vertical rod do not conform to the requirements of the special design. 4, stud, big bar, small bar bar and bracing build-up spacing and joint do not conform to the requirements of the specification requirements and construction scheme, the perpendicularity of the stud than specification limits. 5, attached to the wall, Rigid) The connection according to the design requirements and not set. 6, scaffold board ( Bamboo basketry cross) Under shop, fastened, body sign, too heavy rod lateral spacing away from the wall and closed tightly. 7, abnormal quality problem and hang a safety net. 8, tear open frame in violation of the program, not according to the demolition scheme and safety technical disclosure requirements. ( 2) Use the cause of a disease: 1, shelves, authors, without relevant personnel acceptance, begin to use other team. 2, such as carpentry in balcony column plate mold, bricklayers randomly pull down when build by laying bricks or stones wall brick and stucco wall pieces. 3, labor paint job, take the bamboo on the bamboo basketry common random to paint with 'article cited'. 4, homework personnel associated with the ground floor, random pull down safety net ( Set net) 。 5, structure construction carpentry when turn up a layer of wood pull down bamboo basketry cross, or wood, steel bar on the team in an outer layer of material is much and concentration ( Over load) 。 ( 3) Material itself quality problems caused by the failing reasons: 1, fasteners, fastener malleable iron technology does not pass, the stiffness of bolt, bolt slide wire, bolts and nuts don't match. Without using 2, steel pipe: steel pipe material Q235, No. 3 steel) 48 mm outside diameter, wall thickness, 3. 5 mm of welded pipe. 3, material comes into play, part of the steel tube bending, serious problems such as corrosion. 4, fasteners, steel pipe factory certification, production license, the leasing company to regularly for testing the quality of fasteners.
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