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Fastener type steel pipe scaffold in general - for evaluation of project safety inspection regulations Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform

by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
1, lateral horizontal bar set ( 1) Lateral horizontal rod should be set in the longitudinal rod fellowship with stud the master node, with longitudinal rod ends shall be fixed; ( 2) Homework layer should be according to laying scaffold board need to increase the lateral horizontal pole; ( 3) Single row scaffolding lateral horizontal rod inserted into the wall should not be less than 180 mm. 2. Bar connection ( 1) Longitudinal bar bar appropriate USES docking, if USES the lap, the lap length should be not less than 1 m, and fixed should comply with the specification requirements. ( 2) Stud in addition to the top step, shall not adopt any overlap. ( 3) Buckle fastening torque should not be less than 40 n. M, and should not be greater than 65 n. m。 2, interlayer protection ( 1) Homework layer scaffold board should be used under AnQuanPing string bag at the end of every 10 meters below should adopt AnQuanPing net closed; ( 2) Homework in the bent frame body and between buildings should use scaffolding or closed AnQuanPing net. 3, material of components 1) Steel pipe diameter, wall thickness, material should comply with the specification requirements; ( 2) Steel tube bending, deformation, corrosion should be within the scope of the specification allows; ( 3) Fasteners should be second interview and technical performance meet to the requirement of specification. 4, channel ( 1) Frame body should be set for the personnel of a dedicated channel; ( 2) A dedicated channel setting should comply with the specification requirements.
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