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Fastener type steel pipe scaffold in the construction of high-rise building is effective method Jiangsu professional scaffolding - fast Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer

by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
Jiangsu professional fast loading scaffolding contact phone number: 18420150310 fastener type steel pipe scaffold this scaffolding is composed of steel pipe and fasteners, has the processing is simple, easy to carry, strong commonality, etc, has become China's current largest usage and application of the most common kind of scaffolding, scaffolding using total accounted for about 70%, in a long time in the future, the scaffolding will still dominate. But, this kind of scaffolding safety guarantee is poorer, construction efficiency is low, scaffolding set-up highly gauge to decide as 33 m, the largest cannot meet the development needs of high-rise building construction. In recent years, some units in the high-rise building construction, successfully USES the fastener scaffold outside doing scaffolding, its construction method mainly has the following two kinds. 1) Cantilever scaffold, outside the cantilever erection of scaffolding section, every once in a certain height, level around the building layout racks, scaffolding and construction load shall be borne with cantilever racks. 2) Suspension scaffold will console scaffold to adopt the method of piecewise unloading, per 5 floors set 1 piece, with the top of the hanging piece on the rings hanging building embedded, bottom hanging in the main bar with large and small rail intersection point, through the boom will be lifting point above the scaffolding weight and construction load segment to a building. Using the above two methods of construction, can build the scaffolding around 100 m height. But, this kind of scaffold material consumption, the intensity of labor is big, construction efficiency is low, is not ideal method. Jiangsu professional fast loading of scaffolding
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