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by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
Scaffolding, fastener type steel pipe scaffold scaffolding, bowls button scaffolding and door what are the similarities and differences, what are their advantages and disadvantages respectively? Fastener scaffold fastener scaffold is the more widely used a more upright scaffold, also can be used as the scaffold and formwork and scaffolding, etc. There are three kinds of commonly used fasteners: rotating buckle, square buckle, docking fastener. Door type steel pipe scaffold door type steel pipe scaffold is also called 'scaffolding' 'box set of scaffold', is a form of international civil society popular scaffolding, variety complete, the existing more than 70 kinds of all kinds of accessories, use: inside the scaffold, and the scaffold, racks, work platform, tic-tac-toe frame, etc. Lifting scaffold adhesive lifting scaffolding refers to the erection of a certain height and attached to the project structure, on its own lifting equipment and device, can climb step by step with the engineering structure or falling, have capsized, prevent falling prevention device outside the scaffold; Adhesive lifting scaffolding main adhered by adhesive lifting scaffolding frame structure, bearing, tripping device, fall prevention device, lifting mechanism and control devices, etc. Bowl buckles type steel pipe scaffold scaffold is a kind of multifunctional tool, made up of main components, auxiliary components, special components. In the whole system is divided into 23 kinds of 53 specifications. Use: single and double row scaffolding, racks, sticks, material hoisting frame, cantilever scaffold, climbing scaffolding, etc. According to the scaffolding method is divided into: console scaffold, cantilever scaffold, hanging scaffold, lifting scaffold. Scaffolding overall instability, caused the entire scaffold vertical collapsed. No standard set by the regulation caused scaffold dumping whole or partial collapse. Because of the protective facilities is not complete, falling from the sky. Improper construction organization, resulting in high altitude falling objects. Improper operation causes accidents. Ideological paralysis caused an accident. Get an electric shock, the lightning caused casualty. Shenzhen tengda factory production of aluminum alloy scaffolding, has 20 years of experience in building construction, construction scheme of custom large cases for many times, such as crown macau, Hong Kong Ocean Park, shenzhen bay before 1 engineering, etc.
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