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by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
Contact telephone: 18420150310 bowls button chengdu mobile scaffolding leasing is a new scaffold, popularization and application of most a scaffold, but face is not widely used, only the regions and departments a lot of applications in engineering. Several mobile scaffold is widely used in China, it has spread to each big construction company, widely used in the construction industry, and constantly improve and perfect, and improving functions. Recently, need some mobile scaffold enterprises improve predecessors technology introduced from abroad, developed a variety of new scaffold, such as bolt scaffold, scaffolding CRAB module, scaffold for disc type, square tower scaffold, as well as various types of climbing scaffold. Combine have been reminded of the collapse of the fruit of mobile scaffolding manufacturers need to pay attention to the quality of the mobile scaffolding, produce products to conform to the state of the production scale, product is to meet the performance measurement. Last century, China has introduced from abroad gantry scaffolding, bowls button scaffolding, and other forms of mobile scaffold. Now need to produce a batch of doors scaffold on the manufacturers, their products are processed according to the blueprints of foreign big department. Fruit of mobile scaffold materials steel pipe is common across the country, and steel products is larger, the mobile scaffolding steel tube, about 10 million tons, but the inferior, extended use and differences of lattice steel pipe accounted for more than 80%, about 10 to 1. 2 billion total fasteners, of which about 90% is divided, Ruth enormous quantity wide differences of steel pipe and fasteners, has become a construction safety problems. Ability is not enough, with the use of new technologies of collecting scaffolding main task is to external processing enterprises. , there is no form a relatively not disorderly market, against the history of mobile scaffold. Technically, the scaffold enterprises in our country has the processing ability to produce all kinds of new type of scaffolding. Map market has not yet been formed, but lack of construction enterprise to familiar with the new scaffolding also. Gantry mobile scaffold in the subpolar many also have a large number of applications in engineering, and achieved good results, because the door of the scaffold product quality problems, the scaffolding didn't get a lot of popularization and application. But the biggest weakness of the mobile scaffolding scaffolding is poor security, low construction efficiency, material consumption, consumption of fruit of capital is higher. Mobile scaffold is widely used in China, has been widely loved and praised users, in the early '60 s began using mobile scaffold fastener type, because this kind of scaffold has flexible installation, handling, then, strong commonality, as well as the low price, so they are widely used in our country, its usage has accounted for more than 60%, is one of the most current usage of mobile scaffold. Bamboo ladder lock
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