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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
New multi-function fiberglass enclosures platform ladder, can provide you with strong, easy to operate the work space, used in electricity, construction sites and residential construction and other places with safety insulation, bearing capacity is strong, 150公斤) And the characteristics of portability, enjoys the high reputation in the industry. Glass fiber bar platform ladder: 1) MATS is antiskid material, design, 45 degrees and rivet is fixed, on the floor of the smooth sliding will not occur. Such as cleaning and maintenance of a class can often be used in the home, the highest 2 platform height from the ground. 9, and people can repair to 4 tall. The height of 6 meters. 2) The pedal is made of aluminum alloy, white triangle fixator, increase the bearing. 3) Is 30 cm between each step, international standard ladder is the spacing, accord with human body structural study. 4) Pedal to make the wave grain benefits: anti-skid, increase the friction, rainy days will not be afraid. Pedal oxidation process has been done before safety. The screws (beside Pointing to the screw) Add the gasket, these are useful to prevent to take off the nut. 5) The glass fiber/glass fiber reinforced plastic material, this is the ladder of the biggest advantages and characteristic. Because glass fiber is 7 layers. Others on the market generally for 5 layers. Why do you want to make glass fiber material? First of all, with corrosion resistance. It belongs to the composite material, won't produce ionization, so special corrosion resistance. Second, don't need to check and maintain, because it doesn't produce cracks affect the bearing. 7 layers of glass fiber will these advantages to an extreme. 6) The design of the mobile casters, girls can also be the ladder easily towed away. 7) A fence at the shortest is 1 m,. Overall elevation, the ladder fence design also more and more high, mainly is the guarantor in work is safe. 8) Armrest, very thoughtful design. Lock parts can turn on and off with one hand. 9) All around of the guardrail on the fence mesh can be torn down. Fence mesh joined the water enzyme technology, fight bacterium, won't burn. The whole a ladder away is particularly convenient. 10) Glass fiber bar platform on the back of the enhanced pedal is designed to increase between two vertical rod bearing, and the open end of the fence is on the front, so that the whole ladder can be freely from the front. The herringbone ladder design conforms to the law of triangle. 11) Skirting board design is used to prevent workers left behind. 12) Brace, which can increase the stability, prevent dumping.
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