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First acquaintance with aluminum alloy stage truss

by:Shizhan     2020-05-13
Aluminum alloy stage truss is mainly used for temporary stage construction. Many people do not know what type of aluminum alloy truss and which type of safety is higher, so it is impossible to talk about the beauty and safety of the stage on the event site. Up. Aluminum alloy stage truss is divided according to product structure, mainly divided into fixed, folding, butterfly and link truss types. Fixed truss: divided into two types: round tube and square tube; folding truss: easy to transport; butterfly truss: strange and beautiful shape; link truss: higher price, but good-looking, more stable and sturdy. When choosing aluminum alloy stage truss, in addition to the actual application needs, the stability of the truss must also be considered. This is precisely the standard for considering whether the manufacturer has a good welding process. In addition, the baking paint process also makes the truss color more diversified and can be purchased as needed.
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