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Five advantages of wheel scaffolding

by:Shizhan     2020-09-19
Wheel buckle scaffolding is a new type of portable scaffolding. Compared with other scaffolding, it has the following advantages:
1. Reliable two-way self-locking ability: First, the locking function of the cross bar and the vertical bar at the connecting piece is realized and guaranteed by the design structure, which reduces the shortcomings of the traditional scaffolding by manual locking, and makes the personnel uncomfortable. The stability factor is minimized; the second is that the connection and locking form of multiple crossbars and the same vertical rod at the same node has changed from the traditional interlocking type to a single independent and self-locking type. The traditional scaffolding is on the same node, when one cross bar is loosened, the other cross bar and the vertical bar will also be broken.
2. Good economy and comprehensiveness: There are no moving parts, only two types of components, vertical rods and horizontal rods. The vertical rods and horizontal rods are all made in the factory. First, the traditional scaffolding is prevented to the greatest extent. The problem of easy loss of accessories and easy damage reduces the economic loss of the construction unit; second, without any movable locking parts, the tension and pressure of each node of the wheel buckle scaffold in use are in a reasonable distribution state, and the nature of the force is reasonable. Its very good rigidity and overall stability prevent to the greatest extent possible unsafe hidden dangers caused by movable locking parts on traditional scaffolding.
3. Installation is more convenient and faster: in use, you only need to insert the plugs at both ends of the crossbar into the corresponding taper holes on the vertical rod, and then tap it tightly. The quickness of the lap and the quality of the lap is What traditional scaffolding cannot do. The assembly and disassembly speed is 8-10 times that of fastener steel pipe scaffolding, and more than twice that of bowl-buckle scaffolding.
4. Large bearing capacity: The vertical crossing of the shaft axis of the vertical pole and the axis of the crossbar of the wheel buckle multifunctional steel pipe scaffold has high accuracy and reasonable force properties. Therefore, the bearing capacity is large, the overall rigidity is large, and the overall stability is strong. Each pole is allowed to carry 3-4 tons. And the use of diagonal rods is much less than traditional scaffolding.
5. It has the versatility of use: the wheel buckle type multifunctional steel tube tripod can be used with accessories such as adjustable bottom support, adjustable upper support, double adjustable early disassembly, lifting beam, lifting frame, etc., and can be used with various accessories The steel pipe scaffolding is used in conjunction with each other to realize various versatility.
Ladder scaffolding
Ladder scaffolding
In addition, it has no moving parts, it is convenient and quick in transportation, storage, erection, dismantling, etc., and the force performance is reasonable, and it can be adjusted freely; the product is standardized and assembled, and its safety and stability are better than the bowl button type , Portal scaffolding.
Of course, even the best things have their shortcomings. The shortcoming of wheel scaffolding is that it is not suitable to be erected on the ground where the base is not hard, the ground is uneven and the concrete cannot be hardened; it is not suitable to be directly on the soft soil with poor soil quality, Set up on the ground where the ground is easy to collapse; it can only be used as a floor-standing scaffold, not a cantilever scaffold.
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